Queen Elizabitch

Toys R Us

by cupcakKe

on Queen Elizabitch (2017)

Blowing up my phone 'cause I got bomb pussy
I'm not from the hood I am from my mom pussy
I talk shit that's what I do, talk shit till my face blue
You doing good when they hate you
These bitches kiddie like Babe Ruth
Comprehend I'm not yo friend I forever trend like Timberlands
I don't never count what I'm finna spend
My money right don't need a pen
Come out slaying with the hottest look
Make yo nigga come out his pocketbook
It ain't a date just a dinner plate
These frog legs, such elite buffet
Back to the streets I gotta get me a buck
Condoms not needed cause, don't give a fuck
My homies told me who they bout to rush
I won't say shit like the old movie hush
'Cause I'm not no snitch but I am that bitch
All because I'm in the light do not mean I'm gone switch
No my nigga this is not a rental
You gone need a dental if you fuck with me
Lay a nigga down in the ground
If he really think he got one up on me
On the highway in my Jeeper creeper
Paid for this bitch off straight features
If you ain't getting paid everyday like it's Friday
Fuck out my face like bye Felicia

Friday... Felicia ...only real niggas get it, (yeah, yeah)
Let's get it

Bitches out here acting tough, I'm tryna ignore the fuss
'Cause I don't play with people kids
Bitch this ain't Toys R Us (Nah)
Bitch this ain't Toys R Us (Nah)
I came up from the rough

The squad with me yeah we get paid
While y'all bitches looking pre-paid
No T-Pain but this tea will leave a nigga in pain
With a migraine when I spill it
Anything I do I kill it, this Peruvian bitch feel it
Fake hair but I'm the realest
I'm hard head you can't tell me nothing
I'm going in like a belly button
And on every beat that I see just label it "RIP"
We only pals if it's Pay
Pal or get the fuck away from me
And to keep this shit G, I got more music than Glee
We got beef 'cause he got roast
And I got more power than ghost
And I got more ledges than soap
'Cause I burn bread like toast
Bitch try it, bullets flying niggas dying now
You put that on God but you still lying, wow!
Sad case, goofy running in a fast pace
Looking like a track star knowing this yo last day
Niggas already know what I'm about
What's the amount? Let me check yo account
I'm never lacking I change up my route
Bitches out looking for me like a scout