This Paradise


by This Paradise

[Intro: Woman's voice]
I hate it when you're not around
And the fact you didn't call
But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you
Not even close, not even a little bit
Not even at all

[Verse 1]
Come to me with your senses tingling
Oh, baby, this time I'll show what I'm worth
Gonna twist these words
Like a helix
Feel this
Be this
Girl for just one night
Take that flight
Let's get high
Her body in that light
And look at those thighs
She's a goddess of the night
But I'm way too nice
To fucking tell her how I'm feeling
Under those bright lights

Girl, I'm so faded and I'm walking away
Oh, baby, I could be the drug in your veins
Girl, I'm so faded and I'm walking away
Girl, you know you were never made for this
Oh, baby, let me take you to that bliss
Oh, let me taste that venom on your lips

[Verse 2]
Black eyeliner on her wrist
And she asks me
"Do you wanna feel this?"
'Cos she's that girl
That you put up on your wish list
With that ass that you're asking for at Christmas (oh)
Oh, her? She's just some girl I used to fuck with
But you've got me mesmerized
With those brown eyes
(This bitch she must be the devil
She got that 666, fucking with someone else's business)

Now I know I've said too much
'Cos I'm faded for tonight
So, girl, take your time
Take your time
I know you've got this crush
'Cos I feel it in these rushes
She don't wanna rush
But I gotta rush you baby


[Verse 3]
Her legs in that black dress
And she wants me
She said "Meet me downstairs"
And it's all for me
Take your clothes off
Is it all for me?
Tell me it's all for me
Oh, all for me

She whispers "Baby, it feels so right and so wrong"
I don't care baby just let me hit that all night long
(She rests her chin on the headboard
She rests her chin on the headboard)

So I stare into those big, brown eyes
Fuck those other guys
That she's had
I said I was alright
But I half lied
I'm not fine
That's the last time
Sorry, baby, really fucked up this time
There's no next time
Moving with the times
I'm fine
But I'm not so high
When I feel that rush
It's the feeling of
Falling in love
It's not enough
She starts to rush
I feel that drug
Rushing its way through my veins


Now I know I've said too much
'Cos I'm faded for tonight
Yeah, I'm faded

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