Perfect Lies

Phone Call

by The Watchmen

on Slomotion (2001), Perfect Lies (2019)

The gray pages tell me it's tomorrow, again
I looked all day Sunday for a motto, again

I should have known better
I should have called you

Pretend only good days were to follow, from here
I held you up close you were the model, the friend

I should of known better
I could have called you

I hope I don't need Cus D'amato again
Lead me around my will to follow
I hate the games we play
There's nothing in it
I'm older every day
I hope we win it

I should have called
I should have known better
I should have called you

Song Comments (1)
On Phone Call by The Watchmen

By Rae Welsh


Was it the song you were looking for? No

It starts with a woman’s voicemail “I heard your song on the radio, sounds like your doing great and I miss you”

Then the guy starts “I should have called you” or close to that. I think the album cover had a fire on it. I can think of anymore songs by this band and have exhausted Spotify search. It was released within the last 3 years I think.
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