The Urban Sophisticates

Battleground Ave.

by The Urban Sophisticates

on Classic Material (2008)

Battleground Ave. with the bottle of red
Break bread with the well-spoken, dressed, and fed
I'm wanna be Johnny Cash all covered in black
and cover Bob Dylan records back to back

Churchill's, midnight with a couple of friends
Reminisce about Christmas with my next of kin
I was innocent, young, dumb, and heavier set
And the good life got about as good as it gets

The bar is 400 miles south of the place
Pops used to sit me down and show me the way
Now life in studio, shows, and painting the town red
Contracts, marketing and checking the sound scanner

Yeah I know I'm an emotional mess
The only way I know to get this off of my chest
Is to write a couple verses that I sing in a song
While I picture you singing along

I can see another struggle ahead
Memories of the last time I fell
Give me peace that's all I want in the end
Can it be a new dawn ahead?
Let it be

Elm Street, New Year's, bottle of white
In route, new gear under the street light
Been through some times I'll never forget
Lost a couple friends, got a couple regrets

Spent a lot of time feeling broken in bits
Without you Lord I'd be calling it quits
Life is too hard without the knowledge of grace
And I can never move without You showing the way

I'm the young Bill Cosby, king of town
Fists high to the sky, watch it crumblin' down
It's a new year and I'm startin' it fresh
And when the ball drops I'ma live it to death

I'm so broke, so loved and so lonely
So confused, convicted and so phoney
But that's life grinding in the KC
That's what II'm goin through lately


Let it be x10

Sometimes I feel like the only
Star in the sky that's shining
Like the only bird that's soaring
Like the only flame that's burning

Like the only passion that's stirring
But Father if you're here with me
Then let it be


Let it be

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On Battleground Ave. by The Urban Sophisticates

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