The Rama

300 Bars

by The Rama

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad that you could make it out
It's kinda funny how this whole thing came about
I got some shit on my mind it's time to break it out
So grab a seat and pay attention to what I'm sayin' now
You know the deal, mic check, 1, 2
This shit'll never be the same soon I come through
Because I'm gunnin' for respect it's a must that I get it
So I'mma kill it from the 1st to the 14th minute
Uhh, 300 Bars had to triple up a Benjamin
I got em' feelin' my shit they like "let 'em in"
I pedaled in, gripped up the mic
Now the rest locked out like a dick to a dike
You're fucking right I gotta stay in my zone
Like what's a heaven to you? Cause I'm creatin' my own
Ya see, I'm proud to be a fuck up and I'm makin' it known
Because that shit is straight infected in my veins and my bones (Ya know?!)
I'll let you hear these wild thoughts that I wrote down
Cause I've been up for days feeling like I'm coked out
I never slow it down, push it to the limit man
How could I give a fuck if I don't even give a damn?
I'm just a man I ain't claiming that I'm perfect
I'm a fucking low life rhymin' til I'm burstin'
Cause I'm an underdog soon about to levitate
And kill it until they callin' me a hip hop heavy-weight
You in the presence of a mother fuckin' defect
Contaminated with a curse as a reject
I'm mixing pills while I'm chugging down a full bottle
Why the fuck you think they callin' me a Role Model??
Its Rama mothafucka, I know you heard my name
If someone killed ya city I'm the one you turn to blame
Cause every time I come around you know it's sure to rain
So check the weather for this mid-west hurricane
I'm rhymin' a lot and I'm coming to rock
I know these times are tough but, really.. when are they not?
Now you could find me running right up to that number one spot
Cause I mean it when I said this shit is all that I got
I'm hot.. but still you know my flow is cold
And yeah I came a long way but there's more to grow
It's time to blow, these motherfuckers shaking when I'm going in
Then they try to stop me, shit… like "here we go again.."
But go ahead, ain't a way that you could hold me down
I'll leave you on the ground looking like a fuckin' clown
You fuck around while I'm in it to win it
So take a look, you see that throne? In a year I'm gon' be sittin' in it
I'm sick of everything, I'm living through an epidemic
A fucking drop out but rappin' is my academic
I came to wreck it now my future looking beautiful
Cause I ain't tryna work a 9 to 5 in a cubicle (Fuck that)
That's real shit and it's a pretty simple conversation
I've got one life and I don't really wanna' waste it
And to be honest there's alotta big shit I'm chasin'
If you a new fan, Welcome to the Rama Nation
This shit has got me going off the wall
I used have the positive thoughts but lost them all
But still I'm on a fucking mission I don't pause or stall
I keep it moving cause I can't afford the cost to fall
Uh, Now you could you say that I'm a magical man
I'm grabbin' a crayon to scribble up a radical plan
And oh yeah, You're damn right I'm breaking out the cage
Come and take a deeper look as we turn the page

This life's a trick, I'm lovin' the treat
People lookin' at me crazy, but it's nothing to me
You should see their fuckin' faces when I rock it live
I'm turning heads like Ill Mind of Hopsin 5
Now this the moment that you notice that I'm dope in every kind of way
And now these record labels givin' me the time of day
They wanna' see what I got, so while I rhyme away
I'm making sure they're doin' double takes with every line I say
That's right boy see this shit is what I do
Oh you steppin' in my lane? I'm thinking who the fuck are you??
Then I kick ya to the side where your ass belong
You see that used to be me.. but now the past is gone
So I'm attacking the throne, cause shit I'm back, and they know
That I'm bad to the bone and now you see me packin' a show
I rap then I go, up in the back, mackin' a ho
Their boyfriend mad.. I'm laughin' as I'm tappin' it though
But yo, what can I say, these women love the way the track slappin'
So I don't even need a bed to make the magic happen
I just press play and let the product do the talkin'
A couple tracks later, got that bitches booty rockin'
I'm puffin' cannabis and chillin' back up in the attic
Stackin' up my rhymes, thinking like an rap fanatic
This shit is cinematic lookin' like a motion pic
I wrote the script for you to see the way I flow and spit
My troubled thoughts coming back in the scene
I got a pocket full of nothin' and I'm lacking the green
I'm speaking of the cash and all the prices that I had to pay
It's like the worse I feel, the more I put it on display
I'm always going back and forth with the good and bad
I lost the grip of all the shit of which I coulda' had
Cause I've been nothing but a prick but I might as well
Why would I like you if I don't even like myself?
I'm layin' back smokin' on a cigarillo
I'm feeling down and out flickin' ashes on the pillow
I'm glaring out the window staring at the moon light
Sippin' on the 40 thinkin' how to get my mood right
I'm feeling like I'm living life in the rain
But still I fail to see the point of even fighting the pain
And fuck it… I used to want to go to heaven now I'm holding out
So Biggie' tell em' how it's going down

(When I die fuck it I wanna go to hell
Cause I'm a piece of shit, It ain't hard to fuckin' tell
It don't make sense goin' to heaven with the goodie goodies
Dressed in white, I like black timbs and black hoodies)

(Yeah you got that right)
And a matter of fact, tell God that I wanna fight
Put that shit up on my life and we could do it tonight.. (Psyche)
But really I could give a fuck or much less
So what's next on this long road to success
I never wait for shit I'm busy climbing to the top
My grindin' never stop, rhyme until I fuckin' drop
They used to hate it and now they bump it all around the block
I got the key for me to win and now I found the lock
So check it.. I'm never dwelling on the enemy
I hear The Beatles singing when they tellin' me to 'Let It Be'
And if you doubted me I bet you're feeling dumb now
If you don't even like me then click the fuckin' thumbs down
And quit the bitchin' I'm just tryin' to rock
These stupid haters really need to get up off my cock
For real, somebody needs to try to find another dick to feed 'em
Like where the fuck is Sandusky when you really need him
I'm a motherfuckin' skitzo
Going through the struggle but still givin' you hits though
You think I'm whack man? You could go to hell and rot
Cause you ain't nothing but a joke, like a rent-a-cop
Now I don't mean to be a prick
But if I wanna be 'Rich' then I gotta be a 'Dick'... right?
I love life but I'm always having these sick thoughts
Coming through the mic with a flow fatter than Rick Ross

So now I'm up at dawn and workin' like an Ese
It's seven days a week and I don't ever take a rest day
You rappers sellin' out, now you gettin' less pay
Claimin' you a "G" but begin it with an F.A
Ya get it?
Cause you a fag mawfucka man
Like god damn.. why you tryin' to fuck another man?
It's my bad but shit I gotta' be the realest
The illest, You feel this, I tell you whatever the deal is
I'm taking it all and giving it back
Look at my life, I'm livin' it bad
Sick with the way that I murder a track
I do it the same anywhere that I'm at
Like oh yeah, you know dat, make moves like a nomad
And yo man, you so mad that I'm ballin' like a gonad
You pissed off? Well I'm just getting started, here's the kick off
The lift off, and now these women wanna' suck my dick off
Hah, And don't be mad at me I'm really not a cocky dude
But this is underground, fuck your Waka Flocka tune
You walk away then I'm the best that you passed up
I'm underrated now you bitches got me gassed up
But that's the reason that I trash talk
I bring it sicker than the aftermath when two fags fuck
I'm just a loud mouth slip into a cop's house
Pissin' on the carpet so no need to get the mops out
Just let it sink in, and if it start stinkin'
Just tell him it was me and how I never got him even (hey!)
I'm thinking negative but trying to find the positive
I'm spending all my energy and start to feel the cost of it
I'm doing what I do to be accepted by the masses
So I could bang bitches with big tits and asses
I'm tryna blow so I can grab a Jenn Keating-type
Bang her on a stack of money and tell her I'mma treat her right
So I'mma find a way of getting by this stone wall
Oh shit, I got it; let me make a quick phone call
Yo what's up doc! hey let me get some Adderall
Maybe then I'll pump a couple songs to my catalogue
I spin the top of the bottle open and grab em' all
Flip a middle finger to the world as I cap it off
Yeah, now check it out, here's the deal
See I'm really not cool, but fuck it, I keep it real
Cause I'm married to this life you could say I got a hot date
Go ahead and hate it tell me later how my cock taste
I'm Self Made, got it tatted on my body
And I'll never slow it down till I'm riding in a Maserati
Sippin' the fine wine and puffin' on the ladi-dadi
Then show it off, till they claimin I'm illuminati
How do I do it? I'ma rock it till the break of dawn
Do it on my own, ain't nobody that I'm waitin' on
You try to step in my way then I'mma take it on
Put you on the edge, stand above you as you hangin' on
And fuck a mic, bitch, I'm spittin' in your face
See I don't even need a studio to put you in your place
Hah, What can I say, I'm a goddamn psycho
I got em' like "Fuck this kid… he's pretty tight though."
I'm just a potty mouth, you pussy little dick fuck
I take a drug test; start shittin' in the piss cup
You left me out your Top 5? Go and rip your list up
If you ain't even bumpin' me, then cut your fuckin' wrists up
There's weed in my nose, and coke in my lungs (..What?)
I'm taking your girl and gropin' her buns (haha)
Cause fuck it I'm broke, I got no funds
But I'm -- runnin' shit - I'm an ass, no pun
I got first class dreams wit' a low class appetite
I'm lookin' for the cake and when I find it I'ma grab a bite
And now these people say I'm rappin' tight..
I laugh in spite cause I notice that my haters gettin' mad I'm right
Attack at night, so they don't notice if I'm black or white
I choke em' until they turning different colors like a traffic light
N I'll act polite before I smack ya dike
Cause you a bitch with a dick.. and don't they call that a hermaphrodite?
You're probably thinkin', "yo.. fuck this little cracker-ass
Fuck 300 bars and everything that's coming after that
And Rama sucks, shit, he can't even spit.."
Well three words for you motherfucker, Suck my dick
That's why I'm sick of all this rap shit
Cause all these kids always talkin' so fly but forget to bring the passion
I'm seeing all this fake beef, What the fuck happened?
You wanna start shit? Let me hear it on some wax then
I swear to god I've fuckin' had it with these twitter thugs
Cause when I meet 'em they ain't doin' shit but givin' hugs
These stupid fucks talkin' shit behind a phone
But their Mommy tuck em' in, sleepy tight up in their home (aww..)
I see you talk alotta shit but you bluffin', you nothin'
I smoke you like the blunts that I'm puffin'
I hit you in the face like the nuts that I'm bustin'
On cunts that I'm fuckin', OH… was that your cousin?
Ah it wasn't? Damn, what's the fuss then?!
I know I'm fucked up, but still I try to function
And I'll admit I'm not the dude that you should trust in
I'm just disgusting...End of discussion

Now switch it up I'm 'Dead Wrong' for the fuck of it
They tried to hate it now these mother fuckers lovin' it
300 bars, 5 beats, and not a shit given
I'm going hard up in this bitch, you feel my dick stiffin'?
I'm the sickest young buck that you've ever seen
Never dyin' out, steady growing like an evergreen
So now they gonna see the skill that I pack
I'm feeling backed up in a wall, but I'm pushin' em back
Cause I'm the dirtbag pretty boy comin' outta Illinois
Y'all been waiting for it so I figured I would fill the void
I check the competition.. laughin' as I watch and listen
Talkin' like they buzzin' but fuck it I guess I must of missed it
Now gimme' the mic and I'mma guarantee to kill it right
Spit a couple rhymes while I'm sippin' on a miller light
You wanna' join me? then go and grab a cold one
Fuck it, get the weed hit me up and we could roll one
Yeah.. now this that shit we can smoke to
I'll grab an eighth and a philly then I'mma roll through
It's the young life, never doing what we told to
You wanna' party motherfucker? Get the whole crew
We at the bottom, but we fillin' it with love
So we pop a couple pills, while we smoke a little bud
Cause we livin' through the drugs, and experiment with life
We may work in nine to five, but our spirit's in the night.. Aight..?
They try to tell me situate into a better place
This life is nothing a race, but I set the pace
I just smoke, get drunk, and I rap too
It go together great, like fast food and fat dudes
Envision my dimension listen to this intervention
Pay attention to this shit in which the way it build the tension
Cause I don't even gotta' rap like I'm ballin' out
And gimmick it with dumb ass mottos, the fuck you talkin' bout? (YOLO)
That's why these blogs never post my songs
God damn.. got me thinkin' "where did I go wrong??"
It seems ain't nobody like me, what the fuck is up that
Tried to get a beat, but shit, Sap never hit me back
Come on man we was cool a couple months ago
But once you got your money it's like "damn.. where the fuck you go?!"
It's all good though, just think it through
Or the next rhyme I write might be about you
Son you shook, It's about time I made you look
You're damn right you a slave to a page in my rhyme book
Salute to Nasir Jones and Mobb Deep
I'ma legend in the makin', ain't no fuckin' way to stop me
Now fuck the bullshit let's take it to the last round
There ain't no quitin' I'mma bring it till I pass out
So here's my last opportunity to get em' hooked
I built a name and I'ma show you all the pain it took
I gotta' tell you man I'm glad to be back
But I'mma give it to you real for the end of the track
Now check it.. we're coming down to the finish going full speed
I proceed to dig deep and let the pulse bleed
I go to battle, reminisce on every kind I fought
They shootin' through me as I'm gathering my final thoughts
I'm feeling stuck man, I'm feeling weary
Is anybody out there? Can anybody hear me?
I got arrested last month, what the fuck yo
Don't mean to bitch but I could use a little luck though
I swear to god I gotta make it through
I gotta kill it cause you know that's what I came to do
N all these weak MCs? Yeah I'm schoolin' em all
But I don't fuck around with them cause I do it for y'all
I'm the voice of the fucked up kids who never win
They're the reason that I'm always pickin' up the pen again
So I'm going for the gold and doing what I can
Had it all mapped out now I'm living through the plan
But damn, the only reason that it look like this..
I put the past to rest, and blew a goodnight kiss
And I remember last year I was taking my time
But now I'm looking at the world dreamin' of makin' it mine
I never takin' a break, fuck that, I came to dominate
I swallow up an XR 20 so i can concentrate
Yeah, you know I do it for the fans
I'mma see the day the paper is stackin' up in my pants
Go and ride into the sun set, puffin' on the marijuan
Never regretting a single thing I'll let it carry on
I got a dollar and a dream and if it all comes true
Then I'm hookin' up my family and my team
I'ma roll into the city with a pocket full of green
Go and shop till I drop as I'm coppin' all the preme
See, I'm on the grind and I'm lovin' the fight
Yeah life IS a bitch but I'm fuckin' her right
That's why I'm up in the night I'm dedicated to the game
And its money over pussy you could put it on my name
Ugh, My crazy attitude is leakin' through the microphone
I knuckle up, steady going through the fight alone
And to be honest? It's scraping up and scarring me
But never could I leave it cause I know that it's a part of me
What the fuck, I'm feeling trapped in my own skin
I zone in when the cold wind flow in
I'm rock and rollin', and yo, now you know that
I'm locked and loaded to blow any moment
So from the bottom to the fortune and fame
I'll be ready for whatever, let it poor, let it rain
I'm in love with the game and it's time I run it
Like what's 99 problems… I just gave 'em over 300

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