Get Right

Soundscape Finesse

by The Press Project

on Get Right (2007)


[Hook: bcap, face of fate, alex nicely]
You have just entered the soundscape finesse
I got to genuflect, resurrect and say bless
You are listening to the sounds of The Press
So just keep your eardrums locked
Lock em up tight
We have just entered the soundscape finesse, y'all
We're living in the east but our Mecca's in the west
You are now listening to the sounds of The Press
It goes P-R-E double S

[Verse 1: bcap]
We're coming HD digital out the deck
Best respect
I sit down at my desk and script rhymes like the best
Motivational text message me the rest
Electrical essences effervescent test and stress lessons

[Verse 1: face of fate]
Yes to yes yes
Guess who's next upon the decker
I'm rocking from any city to any religion of any texture
I straight add words with adverse verbs and ad-libage
Smoking more skunk than 2 punks playing cribbage

[Verse 1: alex nicely]
I take you back to the days of painted caps brim up
Oversized tees with that front buckle tuck
Laid out mats of cardboard and linoleum
Selection of blunts and your own ways of rolling em
Digging in backpacks and loose laced sneakers
Hearing a new single out of ghetto blaster speakers
Putting a fist to your chest to get respect
Leaving tags on the hats so they know that they fresh


[Verse 2: bcap]
We came to be because we need them tracks
They way the music makes the people get out off they ass and react
To the facts at a fraction of the math to what we say
Hey, yo, bring the beat back
Now anyway we got to give it up to those who proceed
The ones ahead of who lending us the know to succeed
They never running with greed so we bleed mad respect
The task and the test to seek the best and manifest

[Verse 2: face of fate]
I don't jest
This song is like more or less
The zest of the best breast
Of the best chest that I ever met
Triple your bet
This girl filled my sheet set
With old moves like Tet
We both got wet
Are you in love with your life?
Are you embracing my write?
Unchained melodies they never bob my head right, right?
Let me rep the microphone and make 1 point clear
When I'm freaking the funk I'm doing it front to rear, yeuh


[Verse 3: iyeoka]
This is the turning point
The torch that illuminates the pace that matches the faces you know
The freedoms you believe in
The mirror that shapes the image from illusion to eternal
This sound is The Press that rocks and skips along the ripples
Hitting the right beat of the music before the tide breaks
The drop that makes the word aha to escape
The choice to drown in the sound of hip hop testing the souls y'all
This is the turning point
The perfect control to mentally letting go
The portion of poems to the giving in
This is the freedom
This is the rhythm
The voices you believe in
This is The Press y'all


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On Soundscape Finesse by The Press Project

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