Dance Party


by The Mitchell Brothers

on Dance Party (2021)

I was so made up when we tied the knot
That i couldn't wait to take you and suprise my lot
That were sitting on the wall outside my cotch
Shouting my name out to come outside and doss

Cos thats what we did in the summer
I had a levi then i had as yet hadn't worn
See all cos of you i pulled em out of my draw
I mean i couldn't look shabby on our first walk

That wouldn't of been cool blud, you deserve more
So I had to go looking my best
It started to rain a little, so i ran inside
Borrowed my mums umbrella, stretched it out wide
Held it over you, make sure your alright
And everyone laughed saying i'd lost my mind
But i couldn't have you getting wet,
I couldn't have you getting wet.


You've been walking with me,
Every step of the way,
And you'll still stick with me,
Through the highs and lows of my day

Im just reassuring you,
That im here to stay,
And i'll still stick with you,
Every step of the way

My dinner money never got spent on lunch,
It was spent on you
All neatly stacked up by the weekend
So i could come out and get you

Around midday on saturday, top- floor in our malls
Where we'd rendevous
Though we'd take a little bop through the town centre,
Linking up with stretch and rudey

Bare jokes!- we'd cotch in the park,
If there was a fight in the park by the bicycle path
You were quick to stamp a man out if he started,
Boydem came down, but you'd never grass

The cab driver screwed,
When we dust out of the car through the subway fast
We were never caught of course, due to you,
I think times due that i show gratitude


Remember our first race when i nearly tripped?
See all cos of me, you could of got hit
If you'd of got scruffed or scratched i woulda been pissed
That woulda been 90 quid gone in the bin

When it got to that time when we had to go
I squadded my bredwins, then we headed for home
Couldn't wait to get you upstairs,
To rub you down a little, cos the next day we had to roll

Mum used to nag about us making the carpet dirty,
Saying i should leave you downstairs
So i'd wait for her to catch z's then grab you quick
I couldn't leave you down there

Your the last thing i see before i shut eye
The first i see at sunrise
The times i spend i find with you-
I dont want nobody to walk a mile in my shoes


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