by The Jonbenét

on Ugly/Heartless (2006)

You're hiding behind this giant brick wall And Im not here to hurt you, but you leave me with no other choice
I'm not made to wait around
I'm not the one who's fucked this up
And Im truely sorry but I must do this
I got to put an end to all of this
It tears into my brain every single day
Why can't I ever get a thing out of you
It's driving me insane
I know I'm nothing special
And this shouldn't hurt too much
But I feel so terrible
You tremble at my touch and I see you start to bend
Your words begin to break
Why am I so horrible
Just a heartless pile of shit
There will be no end
I've given up trying to fight this
I'm getting so close to my faults to figure myself out
Spill my guts out some more until I feel okay
Cry in car rides and give it another try
I'm finally finding myself

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