The Jacka

Faces on T-Shirts

by The Jacka

Last nigga had beef with The Jack, I make em' wonder
Why the last sound he heard had to sound like thunder
Got off so many kicks, call me the number one punter
Pushin' kicks while kids is dying of hunger
Got sentenced to a year, but ended up getting longer
Really just made me stronger, I guess I'm just suspended from space and time
Read the Quran and realized most the world is blind
All the sex all the crime, I'm caught right up in it
Just to keep it trill on the records you spinnin'
Smokin' kill while my niggas spinnin' 8s in the street
Right in front ya, last nigga had beef with Jack I make him wonder
Why the last sound he heard had to sound like thunder (had to sound like thunder)
I got a nigga in a peaceful slumber, he died at a very early number
He was my nig, no man can take shit from him
But his life or a full clip from him
Niggas really known for .. niggas known for dumpin'

Now it's time to ride, tell me what you see
Hold the nine the time, don't be scared count to 3
Then pull the trigger back, now tell me what you see
The kids life sealed, now tell me how you feel
Like a gangsta, but is the feeling real

I seen the whole world change, in my short time here
Since my first rhyme here, it was one time that
I thought rap was hopeless, never lost my focus
Ask Allah to be the dopest, Inshallah I will be
You know who Allah is, but you do not worship
You had it the worse-est but you won't admit it
Cuz you do not know it
I make Salat, but give blessings through my music

I never understood why these niggas wanna be gangstas
I pace through my hood with a cocked stainless
So many niggas died that my heart is painless
California gang bangers in Los Angeles
In The Bay young niggas keep them shots ringing
Late night on the track he was found brainless
RIP on the wall, he is now famous
For dying younger than the rest, with holes in his chest
Blew his last breath reppin' for the projects
Another young nigga picked up his gun in the process
Small lead objects exit out the tec, until it jammed
Then it soared through another set
Then it's rigged up and used in another murder
Another nigga chalked up by the black burner
Have ya heard of triple murder
Super soaked on the mattress in the telly room
Froze and stiff, faced up to a celly dude
They say I'm mainey as fuck, but it's all truth
But you a gangsta, look at yaself in the mirror
How many pistols you shot, how many niggas you shot
How many many kicks you pump, them niggas that be dyin' be them niggas that funk

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On Faces on T-Shirts by The Jacka

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