The Holstar

I Cared

by The Holstar

Facebook activity Log – 2009 or is it 2010?
I can't even remember
But yeah
How are you doing?
This one is for you…
You know who you are…

Verse 1
Well it started off online your man a mutual friend/
But I didn't wanna indulge, I didn't wanna offend/
I could see that you were a Beauty, more beauty than most could see/
If Beauty lies with Beholder, this Beauty is mad deep/
Can't remember that first little message you sent/
But I remember we went on and on and on/
And I will be the first to admit, that I was taken by your gracious soul/

Do you even care, if I'm here or gone x 2
Through the rain and through the fire/
You're always my desire and I Cared/
And I Cared/

Verse 2
Then there was that first call, a voice of an Angel/
I couldn't believe that I was privileged enough speak/
To reach to you, somehow I could I teach/
I wanted to seek but it's more like I preached to you/
You and dude was having problems but I didn't care/
I just wanted to make you smile so we could be a pair/
You told me in the night hour of 03/
That you longed for my touch the right hour to hold me/
Maybe it was Dreams speaking cause you were half asleep/
And I was half as weak, so we can do the math and keep/
1 + 1 = 2 hearts 2 but one heart hurt, still on the mend and I was trying to defend/
Reached the wanted end but only reached the carpet bend/
Where friends catch feelings and talking about A plus dealings/
And I will be the first to admit, that I was taken by your gracious soul/

Verse 3
There was that first chance meeting, my eyes steady gazed/
Your eyes met mine yes! I was amazed/
You were trying to expand your reach to other parts of this world/
I was trying to expand my reach to this girl/
I understand you had values, I grew to respect that/
Set my agenda from the start, I was trying to inject that/
I could sense you had doubts but I could sense feelings too/
Can't ignore butterflies and chemicals reciprocal/
Life like a Hype magazine where centerfolds are pivotal/
And Baby girl I wanted to make you the centre of my world/
I probably lacked the right ingredients that made your perfect man/
I had the characteristics of the dude before last but that is the past/
You never to let it go; I am Zion's rivers this Liquids deep, you need to let it flow/
And I will be the first to admit – that we were never meant to mix as two souls

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