Show You The World

The Time

by The Grouch

on Show You The World (2008)

The Grouch:
Well I dont rhyme over guitars often
But im older now maybe i soften
Used to not give a fuck and i still dont
I dont mean sniffin blow or pill poppin
If i said it y'all it was true
To what i was and knew
I done a lotta dirt a whole pot a dirt
I even shot a jerk he's through
Wake up wake up wake up its a stick up
Get em up, stand up pick it up
Back on the track like a relapse
Me im innocent though im talkin beats and raps
Not cheap freaks with weaves and crabs
I dont hollywood shuffle with squares in drag
No need to preach to the mass
But i speak like a pro cause i know what i have now
And all the people say..
Marty J:
Oh ohh oh ohh
Now that i know, the time
Its different i ain't missin everyday
And all the people say..
Oh ohh oh ohh (wave your hands)
Stay on my toes, get by
Theyre listenin if you with me won't you say
The Grouch:
Pump the brakes fix my mistakes
They get erased like chicks on myspace, dot com
Cause im on some next shit
Positive energy there's no deficit
Fresh air, well here's a breath of it
Out west where the rest can have they spit
College boys go on and pack a dip
Me myself and i goin stack a grip
With marty j and yeah he's on the back of this
Give us a party player we goin crack the whip
No hiss, in any format ya flip
Not that old four track backpackin jackin
What was underground inventive now
Is just in fashion adjust your passion
The Grouch out the house still slappin
I just know more now go on boy ask him
Marty James:
Had my back against the wall
My shadow weighed a ton
I never learned to crawl, before i tried to run
Had me on my knees, prayin for the sun
Couldn't see a thing except all the harm that id done
The older i get man the dumber that i was
The older i get man the dumber..
The Grouch:
I heard dont throw in the towel believe
In yourself you can achieve
Keep your eye on the prize and your hands to the skies
And we all gonna rise now..

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On The Time by The Grouch

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