Rhythm Of The Rain

Rhythm of the Rain

by The Cascades

on Rhythm Of The Rain (1963), Rhythm Of The Rain (1963) Quadrophenia Soundtrack (1979)

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain,
Telling me just what a fool I've been.
I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain,
And let me be alone again.

Now the only girl I've ever loved has gone away.
Looking for a brand new start!
But little does she know that when she left that day.
Along with her she took my heart.

Rain, please tell me, now does that seem fair
For her to steal my heart away when she don't care
I can't love another, when my heart's somewhere far away.

Rain, won't you tell her that I love her so
Please ask the sun to set her heart aglow
Rain in her heart and let the love we knew start to grow.

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On Rhythm of the Rain by The Cascades

By Anonymous


I'm looking for a song that's a version of rhythm of the rain by the cascades. Has a female in it rapping"listen to the rhythm now listen to it good...misunderstood..." & The guy singing the chrous like the cascades did. Sorry that's all I can remember. Not much to go with but I used to have it on a disc but sadly lost it. Please if someone knows the song I'll be really happy lol
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