by The Bad Boyzz Crew

on LOLICORE (2018)

[Intro: Lil Peen]
Shit, I got curry in my nose
Alright, I will be, uh, taking your luggage
I will be taking your luggage and uh, driving you, to the airport

[Verse 1: Lil Peen]
Hello, my name is Raj (geet)
I live in the garage
I drink curry (curry), I'm from Surrey (sorry), BC, fuck you in the taxi (taxi)
Fuck you in the backseat (backseat)
Don't give me cow meat (yuh)
Fuck that beef
Make your wifey queef
I'll use my teeth (yah)
Make her my cock sheath (Mumbai)
Smoke the reef, the Punjabi leaf (yuh)
Sippin' lean with my little peen (lean)
My vision blurry, I drink curry, don't worry (don't worry)
I'm not in a hurry (no hurry)
I have a big dick, not really
Look at the Indian average penis size (Mumbai)
Shit, suck my dick

[Hook: Lil Peen]
Street shitters, curry is bitter
Playing sitars, we got street hitters

They call me Abed (abed), bindi on my head (bindi)
When I drink, I taste lead (pipe)
Rhymes like I'm black (nigga), I live in a shack (Shaquille)
Take your girl for a ride (moped)
Take a poo poo outside (poo in the loo)
Age of consent is 11 (cheese pizza)
And I work at 7-Eleven (slurpee)
Don't pay to Heaven (hindu)
Eat spicy food (curry), why is half the city nude (untouchables)
Born and raised, in a sweatshop (sweatshop)
You gon' sweat when my mixtape drop (fire)

[Hook: Lil Peen]
Street shitters, curry is bitter

[Outro: Lil Peen]
Shit in the street like a child in the sheets (shit)
Uncle's a doctor, your mother - I cocked her (grrat)
We durka, not allahu akbar (boom boom boom)
Inertia got me at that curry stand, like my father (psst)
So when you pull up, on my team you best be prepared (preparation-h)
'Cause when the time come, your street will need to be aired (That's $7.99 with tax)

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