Beyond Calculation

Song 36

by The Austerity Program

on Beyond Calculation (2014)

Carolyn comes back from the bar
She's not steady but oh
She's ready to go
She knows that gasoline will settle
What the bourbon never can

Covers the basement and soaks the attic floor
Kids are with her mother and there
Isn't any other soul
To see her as she's coming down the stairs

Take her name out of your phone
Drop her from your list of targets
Cast her file out to the wind
Carolyn won't answer any more

You can hardly call it living
If you're only passing time
How you waste what you've been given
Years build out of days just slipping by

And you think you've seen it all
And you goddam surely know
You've seen it all

She leaves her children with a scar
Gone blurry like a pixelated star
They're too young to remember

Deep in the night she sets a fire
From floor to roof
It's billowing down
Burning the dark away to
Beat back those who've seen it all

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On Song 36 by The Austerity Program

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