6 Foot 7 Foot

by Terrell

Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch

[Verse 1: Terrell]
Its called execution, rocking distribution
Don't matter where you at cause you ain't part of the solution
Call my shit Medusa, talent be seducing
Five Star Teezy non stopped contribution
Swear I always win and you the one whos always losing
Rock you in the head and now its filled with all confusion
Flyer than cloud nine, I swear I'm never moving
Swagga sky high and it never start reducing
What if death was the bitch and life was its mother
Sleep is still the cousin but now boredom is a brother
Either way, I guess I'd still hug her
May not be a bitch but still the money's right above her
No I'm never playing, but sometimes feel I mean to
That girl told me she love me but she in it for the green too
What can I say, at least she honest
Head of the class, graduated with her honors
So you know she went to college
But she got more dudes up on her than my car can hold in mileage


[Verse 2: Terrell]
5 Star Entertainment, what you heard about it
You say you don't know, well I highly doubt it
Crack open the books, its time to learn about it
Get straight A's, don't be a nerd about it
I am a tease, why you think they call me Teezy
Tear the beat up make it look so easy
Haters come around and man I swear they so cheesy
Mash em up like baby food, call it easy "peasy"
Hottest nigga under the sun, now flood me
I'm on top of everything nobody else above me
I am that ish you smell me stankin' up the boardwalk
My monopoly is when I don't hear no more whores talk
Par remain unmatched so nigga never try to play golf
Loving all my haters, I got time for all the hate talk
Real nigga like 24/7
Create levels of fear as if it was a 9/11
Try to attack me and you look I'm all healed up
I come after and yeah I swear, I'll kill ya
Scratching at ya head like you confused but got some head lice
I go hard on this and you a deer that's caught in head lights
I ain't playing, ain't got no time for games
Logic for me only cause I swear I got the brains
Just tell them keep on hating cause I never will fall
Ain't got a sphere but everybody know I still seem to ball
Always call it like I see it, ain't got no glasses on
20/20 vision on me you just leave the math at home
Other nigga nothing, swear they always bluffing
I pretty am something
I chase money all my life they say Ill never find ya
I said you niggas cheesy I will gate cut up and grind ya
No homo to all the men I though I should remind ya
Catch up with the mix I am hip hops newest designer
And you know I never kid, clowners man they call me "It"
My body so in shape there ain't no need for you to throw a fit
With a swag that's to die for
Even haters love my music don't know what they lie for
Hotter than hell, nigga can't you tell
Phoenix out the ash, I don't need a spell

[Verse 3: Dry~Ice]
Now watch me kick it
Higher than the mesosphere and never coming down again
Decibel levels high, I'm louder than the system the sound is in
I'm rounding in the haters, couple bad words and you hate me
But I'm just to fly to care I swag surf on plane wings
Take attacks and my heart won't stop beating
It's repeating the same tempo that my flow is when it's increasing
Till the day that I die my life is trying to be in the spotlight
But my mind is racing faster than a NASCAR highlight
I shine like a nightlight, I'm brighter than the sun
Fight to the top to be a rapper while you trying to be one
Nine years strong and I'm intended for fifty
Because all day long I carry uphill with me
Ya jealousy's weak so I don't brawl with haters
When the pussies sketchy like they was drawn on paper
Greater than the good, so you looking at the best to stay
Pretty nice fact, I may put that on my resume

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