The Answers

In Love With Another

by Terrell Carter

on The Answers (2015)

If I could keep.... keep you in this
I would... you choose to leave me
You know that it's no good why you want him
I guarantee you'll be sorry
You don't have to tell me that I'm better than him
And baby it's a shame cause you're one in a million
But you're in love with someone else
And you'll be sorry(Hey)
You're in love with another man
How could you be so blind(Yeah)?

Ain't no changing your mind if you gone leave
Hope you know what you're doing
Don't come back to me
Believe me I understand right where you are
Though we both agree that you needed a fresh start baby
The future that I had planned
The life you said you wanted
Well I can't be mad at you
You're In love with someone else
You'll be sorry baby(Oh)
I think it's crazy(Oh no no no no...)
You're in love with somebody that don't love you(yeah)

So i'm not gonna beg or even try to convince you
Cause i'm better than that baby
And you know I don't have to
I'm strong and confident
And i'm always on my grind
You don't have to worry cause i'll be alright
So go be with him....go be with him
Oh baby you'll be sorry baby
I guarantee that you'll'll'll be sorry
Can't nobody no nobody no no nobody
Love you like I can(no no)
Nobody....nobody.... nobody(no no no no...)

Didn't I love you and care for you(ha ha)?
Then tell me baby why... why would you leave me baby?
And why would you tell me this now baby?
When you know that we've invested all this time
Now you change your mind
I don't get it baby... I don't understand
I need an answer baby
Give me an answer baby
Before you walk out of my life
You gotta tell me why
What didn't I do baby?
What was it baby?
How baby?

You're in love with another man(Hey)
You'll be sorry.... so go and love someone else

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On In Love With Another by Terrell Carter

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