Tech N9ne


by Tech N9ne

[Pre-Hook: Tech N9ne]
All around the globe
If you use booze to
Unloose you, alcohol to boost you
We can take it straight
Or mix it with juice too
We who is bout to get f*cked up salute you!

[Verse 1: Big Scoob]
Whatcha drinking, brah?
Whatcha thinking, brah?
Let's pour some whiskey in this party, get it cranking, brah
At the crib, on the corner, in the car (Pouring liquor)
At the spot, at the club, at the bar (Til it hit ya)
Give me a drank, so I can think, that's how I dos (How I dos)
So tell the 'tender get to mixing Caribous (Caribous)
Slam the pitcher, now I'm fixing to cut it loose (Cut it loose)
You showed me homie, man you know I love that booze (I love that booze)
It's early morning, off of 5th, it's barely noon (Barely noon)
Most believing that's the reason I'm a goon (I'm a goon)
But if I'm breathing, then I'm drinking, that's the rule (That's the rule)
Then turn me heathen, if it's needed, clear the room (Clear the room)


All my people, here we go
Lift your cup and say salue (Let's get drunk in this b*tch)
Salue! (Let's get drunk in this b*tch)
All my people, here we go
Lift your cup and say salue (Let's get drunk in this b*tch)
Salue! (Let's get drunk in this b*tch)

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Ey, I'm bout to make me a gallon of carabeezy
Hop on my blackberry and call me up a breezy
Drank up now she's ready to break me off some heezy
If her teethers get in the way I'ma say: "Easy!"
Hennessy richard, Hennessy parodies
Hennessy VSOP, Hennessy privileged is therapy
Hennessy play
Step up my Hennessy game
And get me energy win it, be friend at me, sin it became
Let's get twisted up in your house
I know it's far out
Lets drink some full yards
Then let's start some bar bouts
We took the graw route
And start to spraying b*tches with liquors
Too many salues brought the retard out

[Pre-Hook + Hook]

[Verse 3: Big Scoob]
I drink my whiskey straight-lace I don't need to chase (Uh-huh)
Full throttle out the bottle, take it to the face (Uh-huh)
Don't need no juices or no mixes man, I like the taste (Uh-huh)
Crown Royal, black case, man this sh*t is great (Uh-huh)
And now the party's j*rking got these b*tches all twerking (Uh-huh)
And now I'm smirking, man I'm loving how this liquor's working (Uh-huh)
I seen this liquor make the best b*tch go bad (Wow!)
I seen this school teacher come up creature so fast (Wow!)
The Carabeezy made her easy, had that hoe smashed (Yeah!)
Then she pleased me with that heezy hit these gonads (Yeah!)
My tongue gets greasy with these breezies make these hoes laugh
Big homie's greedy kinda sleezy when I'm chasing ass


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On Salue by Tech N9ne

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