In LA We Trust 2

Dont Worry Bout It

by Team 600

on In LA We Trust 2 (2015)

This chicago nigga
Squad Squad Squad Squad Squad
Squad Squad Squad Squad Squad
Don't worry about it Don't worry about it
It's your boy OTF new new

Don't worry about these shots just know that I shot him
Don't worry about these bill just know that I pop em
And I ain't worry about a thing since Phantom got em
Don't worry about it don't worry about it
Don't worry about it told ma team don't worry about it [x3]
Let a nigga go on me I ain't sure about it

[Verse 1:]
I ain't worry bout a thing I got ma squad with me
Squad with me and all these niggas fraudulent
Pillow talking titties bras will get your squad semis
And them hitters in your yard with them toys hear me
Ready to take down anything and whoever in the house
Duck tape his mom and put his brother numb up on the couch
And I swear bet nobody make a fucking sound
Smoking lao by the zip get it by the pound
And if he taxing on the lao fucking take him down
Fucking thots fucking thots fucking by the crowd
What he think he in his shit fucking take him out
Meet your maker now bullets bake him down


[Verse 2:]
Don't worry but them Glocks you wanna be a target
Pull up dumping out of steamers we don't never park it
Lay a nigga down ambulance gon have to call em
Black out on the op so black so I take the K and spot him
Niggas flexing with the cash I take send the squad to rob him
Do him ugly he was flexing with the water dollars
He ain't really in the field nigga need to stop it
Just Twitter yapping talking for his followers
But we ain't worried bout nigga we ain't worried bout it
Say he did what nigga we ain't heard about it
Niggas blowing from a block away they scared bout it
Bitch be going for the squad just ask her bout it


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