Taylor Jones

I Miss You

by Taylor Jones

[Intro: Taylor Jones]
Taylor Jones
I had to jump on this beat man
I heard the track and I was just like...you know what
That hook is exactly what I'm feeling right now
So, check it out yeah
Uh, yeah, listen

[Verse 1: Taylor Jones]
You were close one time but
You went your seperate way
You got a brand new boy and decided it was best for me to be erased
No contact? No talking? No cute little texts in the morning?
Do you miss me? Cause I miss ya'! God damn, I never shoulda' kissed ya
I remember I was your best friend
And over time we got closer
Then we had a kiss one weekend
We let the love take over
Ha yeah, we had good times
So much laughing in one night
It was too right, too nice
I shoulda' been a little more wise
And I never told you this before, but girl I'm still hurting
Seeing you holding another boys hand, is like a fire inside that won't stop burning
And I know that we do not speak, but I'd have you back in the blink of an eye
But why am I dreaming?
You're in love with that guy
And I'm just left here all on my own, tryna talk to a girl cause I'm needing a focus
But not one of them are like you so, I'm starting to lose my motive
And it takes one reminder, to change your whole perception on life
I wanna turn this tide
But I'm not the boy stood by your side


I wanted you to know, that I love the way you laughed
I wanna hold you high, and steal your pain away
I keep your photograph, and I know it serves me well
I wanna hold you high, and steal your pain because I'm...

[Verse 2: Taylor Jones]
I hope that he treats you right, cos you deserve the whole world
And even though you may see me smiling
I still feel pain, and my hearts still cold
You put my heart on standby, and I know that you feel the same
But you like the other boy too so, I think you're stuck in a maze
And if you break up with him, well, I'm always around for ya
And if you need a best friend, just know that I'll still make time for ya
I hope one day you return, but until then I'mma keep it real
You showed me that a real man, is never afraid to show what he feels
I deleted your number, and I know that you done mine too
That way when I look through my contacts, I don't see a picture of you
And I keep hearing the songs that you like, I gotta change that station
You left me internally injured, I'm surprised I'm not a hospital patient
Ha...joking aside, girl I really still feel ya
Remember the day we were choosing a film we ended up watching the whole of Matilda?
Ha yeah, those distant thoughts, I wish I could turn back time
And I wrote the whole song for you, girl I still wish you were mine


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