No Hook

by Tay Simmons

on TRAP MOM (2018)

Yeahhh Yeah
Yeahhhhhh Yeahhhhhh x2
They don't feel my pain

Diggin myself right through these problems they get deeper and deeper
Back been stabbed so many times so I can't really trust people
Life been great without you so It show that I ain't really need ya
It's too late to come back now so keep ya ass where I seen ya
They be lying still when they put allat shit up on jesus
Gotta crying still when she said she was done and gone leave me
She said she was still in love so she don't wanna reseek it
But I feel like giving up cause its soo hard to believe it
So sick and tired of wasting time getting my heart mistreated
Hiding the lies behind words so you can make me feel needed
Remember blaming me whole time but it was you who was cheating
It was you who was creeping
Cause yo mind was just thinking
Tay prolly laid up witta bitch cuz he ain't called me since 3 man
Now you tryna play get back when I ain't even done did shit
That's when confusion just get started walk away without a fix
Then we both done with each other without agreeing on this

Heart been broken that love shit don't really phase me nomo
Lies they told me, my mistake for even trusting em hoes
It was best for them and me to fall back and just move on
And it's plain and clear to see that you wasn't riding my road
Before we even got attached I told you bout that shit tho
That I wasn't tryna go back thru what I been thru befo
Why the love don't show
Dead like a rose don't grow
I thought that we'll have hope
But we have nothing at all

Move around with that fake shit
See the change but don't say shit
Really starting to hate this
How it's is so complicated
To just settle for dating
If you playing just say it
I ain't letting you play me
You must think that i'm crazy
Not the one who gone chase ya
Fuck around and replace ya
I know I have no patience
To just sit around waiting
Rather say fuck relations
Get a bag on daily
Fuck the ones who betrayed me
Know you envied and hated
Rather see me at my lowest
Want me to flock and don't make it
From the struggle no safety
That's a hard situation
Being 9 wiping momma eyes
Ain't shit onnna table
Pray to god about every night
Know he gonna save us
Things hard gotta get it right
I just wanna be able
So much shit run through my damn mind
Im constantly thinking
Living life turning pages
Making it thru these phases
Fuck the dead conservations
They just be talking to say shit

Won't forget who had played me
Should've kept my stuck up on safety
Cause when I shot I ain't make it
Guess I ain't have a good aiming
When I was down, ain't come get me
Be quick to say that i'm changing
Show loved they was hating
Should've knew they was snaking
Great Granma sick hope she make it
That was the lady who raised me
All for you gotta make it
Time gone come with the patience
Roll up a blunt then I face it
For all these problems I'm facing

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On No Hook by Tay Simmons

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