Taking Care Of Business

Murphy's Law

by Taking Care of Business Band

on Taking Care Of Business (2000)

[Verse 1: Pip Skid]
Who's the best DJ in the world today?
People flock to his jock just to hear him play
Hang off each cut like every word
And when he go "ddddddddddrrrrrr"
Don't be scared
Now what you heard is a master's mix
Don't be trying that, these are Bastid's tricks
That's some classic shit, done easily
"Uh Oh"
This is a DJ Skratch Beasily

"Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?" - The Hieroglyphics 'The Who'
"Is you knowing what you facing?" - Noreaga 'Superthug'
"Son is a bastard" - Jadakiss 'Reservoir Dogs'
"Yeah you heard of him" - Mobb Deep 'Quiet Storm'
"Watch me get lose" - Tha Alkaholiks 'Likwit'
"Uh oh"
"And that how it go" - The Hieroglyphics 'The Who'

[Verse 2: Sleep]
I put it on my family name
My man Bastid on the on the path to gaining majesty fame
Skratch Bastid melts the wax like a sadomasochist
Kids gotta copy his routines to battle him

[Skratch Bastid talking]
Hey, that's my shit fool

Do not challenge him, the needle stay balanced
He scratch so hard he leaves the slip mat calloused


[Hook: John Smith] {x2}
Put us under the lights
A hit man who murders mics
A DJ who [?] tikes, we rep for the urbanites
Respect when he serves 'em all
Weapons for hurting 'em
Injuries permanent, the Bastid will burn 'em up

"Burn em"
"Ya wanna battle?" - MC Lyte 'I Am Woman'
"Is ya stupid?"
"Aww shit" - Tha Alkaholiks 'Aww shit'
"Burn em"
"Ya wanna battle?"
"You got no choice but to lay low"
"Burn em"
"Ya wanna battle?"
"Whatcha gonna do kid?"
"You better run" - KRS-One
"You got no choice but to lay low on the cut" - Paula Perry 'Paula's Jam'

[Verse 3: Pip Skid]
Career ending, go watch sending
Beat bending, DJ offending
Double chopping, hands trouble stopping
Bass so loud that the speakers be popping
Most often competition is shy
They don't wanna be the next to die
Wonder why he's got a grin on his face?
Then I guess you never seen when he rock the place
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go Bastid!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go Bastid!
Go! Go! Go!

"Go Bastard" - M.O.P. 'Pounds Up'

[Outro: Pip Skid talking]
Yeah. I see that fear in your eyes. Shitty little DJ. Bring it on. Skratch Bastid. Fucking idiot

"And if ya didn't know ya should've asked somebody"
"Murphy's Law" - Jean Grae 'Knock'

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On Murphy's Law by Taking Care of Business Band

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