by TKO

on Bluprint (2017)

[Intro - Sample]
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
And it has fallen here, it has fallen
Makers of men, Creators of leaders
Be careful what kind of leaders you're producing here
I don't know if Charlie's silence here today is right or wrong
I'm not a judge or jury, but I can tell you this
He won't sell anybody out to buy his future
And that, my friends, is called integrity
That's called courage
Now that's the stuff leaders should be made of

[Verse 1]
Look, I'm ill, deal with it
Even if you hate my guts you still feel it
'Cause I'm real with it and you's a real gimmick
And if you feel different come here and kill critics
Listen, no feelings I got four senses
I body rappers I'm a mortician, whore listen
You say you got bars but your methaphors missing
I'm killing careers, think I'mma need some more victims
Punish is back, Mister Nice Guy is dead
Cut 'em off by the leg, I'm painting the town red
Call me [?] the drama I just started
Go retarded on these beats, super sick no pharmacist
Say them death threats, I'm ready to die
Out the window, is you ready to fly?
I got my license and nobody holds a Glock-9 better than I
But I'm on this no kill policy, Bruce Wayne logically
Put the mic down for my apology
Bring your whole squad, come on you're not stopping me
Seven foot tall, go on you're not blocking me
Listen, bring Dwayne Johnson you're not shocking me
All these lames knocking me
I laugh in the face of these fake, yes
Smash any rapper in front of his fam and give him his tape back
Put your face in my face and I'mma break that
You don't believe me then try me, too bad nobody's gon' try me
And my produce is much fresher than Harvey
Dropping bombs, Cheech and Chong
I'm giving 'em nice dreams
All these kids wanna be like me, like a mic, see
I been killing records since I was like fucking 19
Thinking you're nicer than me?
Coughing up prices for Gene
I'm shattering dreams look, I shat on your dreams
I don't battle, too much mad buffer in me
You get too close, say the wrongs words and I'm swinging
And every avenue a light boy, you know I'm winning
Young rappers think it's over, this is my beginning
I'm thru a lot of a-holes, wanna star G
Got snipers on the payroll, all beams
Fading friends more convenient than Walgreens
Never once supported shit but plenty of 'em call Gene
I hold a line and I damage your brain
No wisdom, I demanage the pain
The knive in the flames
Small guy but I'm snatching your chain
Stay in your lane, I hate I had to strangle his lane
Ay, rappers with no bars, I'm packing [?]
You say a lot of gangsta shit but don't fucking do it
You soft as cake and I fucking knew it
You had one chance with your boy Gene, man you fucking blew it
Pull me off stage, I'm a hard act to follow
No mess 'cause most of these rappers suck and swallow
This feels like your brain, fucking hallow
If hip hop is a drug then I'm taking a whole fucking bottle
You're garbage, you belong in a landfill
Poppin' off in my face, acting tough while I stand still
And land real punches, give a fuck how this man feel
Start doing better, stop taking them damn pills (come on)
All these new rappers tryna advance, it's all over now
Spoke 'em by a grown fucking man

--- Transcribing

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