Sufi La


by Swet Shop Boys

on Sufi La (2017)

Swet Shop yup yup yup
Swet Shop yup yup yup
Third World Family
Swet Shop Boys
The Pet Shop Boys
Third World Family
Swet Shop Boys

Yo, he went from acting unruly, now he acting in movies
Yo, back when the action was packin' an uzi
Now they say, dude, he truly the new Rumi
And she wanna do me, cause my crib's so roomy

Yo, they need to put me in a motherfucking movie
Yes Boss, my girl look like Juhi (Chawla)
Truly, he move quick like Bruce Lee
Who? Hi-ma woohee

Same Himanshu them used to call coolie
Now my bag's Louis, whats your shit? Tumi?
Yeah, the money come straight to me
Need a Kamal like Amal, brown George Clooney

Phooey, none of these rappers can outdo me
Call me Sam “Mouli,” stocked up ???
Himanshu, he not sorry, he Suri
She in a sari, like Ferrari how she move me

[Riz MC]
I'm Paki Chan, I'm Paki Robinson, I'm Pak Nicholson
Pour brown on the rocks, I'm Pak Daniels
My yat is Paki Onassis
I'm Prince Naseem when he had it

But I'm baffled, unraveling, cause I still love hate
What I see in the mirror, whenever I see my face
I think, what if I was fairer skinned? Had less of the melanin
Would I get more work or would I not be worth anything?

Cause right now, I'm the king of my pigeon hole
Big fish in a trickle of piss on the road
I went to hit the back of the net
But the fisherman don't want me
They let me go, fresh off the boat

It gets into your head
Like going from Rizwan to Riz Ahmed
Did I edit myself or did I get them to stretch?
With the Karachi kid on the red carpet

[Heems + Riz MC]
Swet Shop
Swet Shop
Swet Shop boys

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