Marcus Velazquez


by Marcus Velazquez

Keep it clean just like soap
Test the winds get rope a doped
You'll need informers just like snow
Dahmer in the sheets, eat hoes
Fingers crossed I pull a Bino
Give a slow poke out in Heathrow
Chicks looking for a slow bloke poke
It's the weekend that's just normal though
About to swing on vaycay, pull a ye and drive slow
Chill beach, lay oceans, Souphanousinphone
Bad thoughts calling or coming, then just hang it up
That's a noose and phone, cant catch me, im so far gone
Pre-gaming two blocks over on someones front lawn
Kiss like she's on bath salts, trying to eat my face
Bleed charisma all over the place, black topher grace
If it's not my problem, like the family dog i let lay
We can get scrappy every day, o-kay-kay-kay
Grinding with two jobs, just trying to get it
Middle class asshole, make it just to spend it
What are doing here, that question is open ended
Hopefully tonight wont suck frenums
Keep it but never ever go raw like denim
Front porch after party, sippin gatorade
Got the whole house to myself today
Hungover and partied out
Shove sustenance in my mouth
Eyes heavy right now, ill go lay down
Keep it chill till next weekend rolls around