Emergency Powers; the world tour

Rent Control

by Super Chron Flight Brothers

on Emergency Powers; the world tour (2007)

[Billy Woods]
Fucking bull shit man, yo, you seen Andy – the fucking super – you seen him?
Hey Andy! How the fuck I always gotta come find you man? What the fuck is the deal?
I told you two weeks ago, my ceiling in my bathroom 'bout to fall the fuck in
We got a leak, I'm scared to take a shower in their man, damn! And the fucking heat ain't on, it's goddamn December nigga – we freezing up there! I got my baby up there!

[Verse 1: Billy Woods]
State side bank got the right to raise
Fight the Power? Niggas'd rather light the haze
Fight the powder – these days there's no such thing as cowards and metal fling after hours
Radio Raheem did it, trying to get TV sets and the whip tinted
Ain't finished 'til its rims around the world
Spin the wheel of fortune, tell your girl, ain't gonna be no abortion
Finally getting out the slums, kingdom come
Hell or high water, gentrification
Word of the day, here comes that court order
Move 'em in, move 'em out (x4)

[Verse 2: Priviledge]
Forget old man, glory's young
We got our own grass, waving in the way in the picnic save the sails of the slave ships
Like jailhouses rock on some back in the day
Some conglomerate stole it away
We want it today, in our own names
Before they condemn our cribs with that eminent domain
Have you living at number 37 gentrification lane
And the way words went they laughed when they say your name
On the courthouse scrolls of those who can't pay
Evicted on birthdays and anniverserariums
Now little ghetto kids think that repo men are the scary ones
[Move 'em in, move 'em out (x4)]

[Billy Woods]
...And I seen a rat come up the fucker; man I'm not playing withchu, you better come up there and fix this shit man, the window won't even close properly man I can't even lock my shit!"

[Verse 2: Billy Woods]
From my greasy window I watch the wrecking ball swing slow-mo
Erupt white clouds, roach pulling so slow but it ain't dead
Summer time's long gone – dark days ahead
From my frozen window I watch the building grow
Mexicans moving bricks by the wheelbarrow
Cement mixer flow, po-po jumping out beating niggas in the head
Line 'em up like "Tell all you peoples this block is dead (dead understand?)"
Coming back every night
City Hall rolls up the sleeves for street fights
Overhand right got niggas confused by that bright light at the end of the tunnel
Bet your ass it's a train
Caught off guard cause they live off cocaine
Thought they wrote the rules but the game done changed
I see my landlord shaking hands with someone strange
Let me find out -
So much winter heat I don't leave the house and when I do
Faces are new, houses is gone
Like a twister came through and dropped dust in Kansas
Rent hike outlandish; I need a brew
Throw the hoodie on tough, trooper past construction sites
And the shell of a walk-up that caught fire last night
Just like the one a block over, nah mean?
That dope money dried up but half the niggas I walk past smell like gasoline
Walk in the bodega like
"Gimme the regular: newspaper, woods, and Starburst – nah, Now and Laters"
Papi laughed, said "It's all half price," smiling
"We sold the store, whole family moving to Long Island!"

[Move 'em in, move 'em out (x4)]

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On Rent Control by Super Chron Flight Brothers

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