Stigmata Soundtrack

Totally Balanced

by Stigmata Soundtrack

There's an unknown place
Deep in the endless space
Everybody looks around to see
To find it now means to be free
We've got a message
You try to live your life
Your pokerface seems to be pride
But deep inside your blue
You're like the other ones, that's true
So if you want to change your life
Don't stand in the shadow of the night
Come with us to the place
You'll be happy, gladly shines your face
There is no more to ask for
Come with us through the door
The end of your journey is there
All the answers of life are clear
Feel the total balance,
mentally gone, lifeless community is buried now!

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On Totally Balanced by Stigmata Soundtrack

By B.Hart


Was it the song you were looking for? No

Every time I lose my heart, you seem to find it. One line from this song. I want to know who sings it. I heard it on tv.
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