Steven Universe

Together Breakfast

by Steven Universe

[Open Int. Steven's Room]
Steven: (opens window to watch the sunrise) Everyone's out... Guess I'm makin' us breakfast.
[Montage sequence of Steven making breakfast starting with a stack of waffles with syrup]
Steven: (knocks on temple door) Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst? Is anyone home? turns around with a determined look on his face Hm!
[Montage of Steven microwaving popcorn and then dumping it over the waffles]
Steven: (stares at Warp Pad) One, two, three: Warp in! (falls over and sighs) I guess they're still out saving the world.
(Steven puts whipped cream on top of the breakfast)
Steven: (looks at the breakfast) Look at you, you are out of control! (opens the door to the back of the house) Pearl? Garnet?! (back inside, concentrating, carefully places strawberry on top of the stack then lifts it up) It's done! (sighs and lies on counter) That thing's too good for me to eat alone. It's a... “Together Breakfast”.
(Garnet warps in, scroll in hand as Steven gets distracted and falls over)
Steven: Ah, Garnet, perfect! (carries the together breakfast) Check it out! It's not exactly healthy, but it's in a stack, so I guess you could say, it's a balanced breakfast? (pulls a face and strains it) You know, like I made us all breakfast. I thought we could eat together. Like, like best buds!
Garnet: I can't stay. There's business to attend to inside the temple. (opens the Temple Gate)
Steven: Aw, business? Like what?
Garnet: I have to burn this. (unfurls scroll with mystic symbols and then whispering is heard coming from the scroll)
Steven: Cool! (takes a picture with his smartphone and then looks at the picture)
(Garnet takes his phone)
Steven: Ah!
Garnet: I have to burn this, too. (leaves, door closes behind her)
Steven: No, my apps! (runs to door, lifts shirt and presses gem against door) Door, open, door! (turns around looking at his gem) Aww, you never work when I need it. (walks away from door)
Amethyst: (Shapeshifted in the form of a male police officer with water gun, speaking with fake male voice) Dumb Police! Uhhh, you're dumb! (shoots at Steven's breakfast with a water gun)
Steven: (He looks in shock to where the water is going and jumps in front of the water blast in slow motion) Nooooo!
Amethyst: (laughs while shapeshifting head back to normal) Oh man, I totally got you! You should've seen the look on your face!
Steven: (walks to closet) Ah, I knew it was you.
Amethyst: Pfft, how?
Steven: (changing shirts) Because that's a water gun. And I'm not dumb.
Amethyst: (points at his shirt) You've got something on your shirt. (Steven looks down at his shirt, stretching it and Amethyst hits him with a blast of water and laughs)
(Pearl exits the temple through Amethyst's door with a sword)
Amethyst: (throws water gun away and shapeshifts back to normal) Hey, that's my door!
Pearl: (holding sword) Oh, Amethyst, there you are. Care to explain what one of my swords was doing in your room?
Amethyst: Having a sword party.
Pearl: Oh please, you took it!
Amethyst: I did not!
Pearl: It's fine. It's in the past, I forgive you. (swings sword as Amethyst groans) Also, I cleaned up your awful, awful mess. You're welcome.
Amethyst: You did WHAT?! I have a system! (runs into temple)
(Temple door closes)
Steven: Amethyst, wait!
Pearl: What's the matter, Steven?
Steven: I wanted us all to have breakfast together. So I made together breakfast. (points to the breakfast) But everyone keeps leaving.
Pearl: (opens temple door) Ah, that's nice. (sinks into the water)
Steven: Oh no, not you too! I can't let this become together brunch! (He runs towards the door and jams it with his arm and then slips inside Pearl's Room)
[Trans. Int. Pearl's Room]
(Pearl performs a short ballet dance and summons her sword collection to which she adds the missing sword.)
Pearl: (putting sword back into its scabbard) Hmm, there we go. (adjusts it) Ah.
Steven: (shouts) Hey, Peaaaarl!
Pearl: (Her sword collection drops) Steven! What are you doing in here? You know it's dangerous for you inside the temple. (reopens temple door to Steven's room)
Steven: (determined) We're going to have a nice together breakfast, even if I have to get my shoes wet. (steps into Pearl's waterfall pool)
Pearl: What?! Get out of there!
Steven: I'll swim it over to you. (swims to center) See, doggy paddle, forward. (gets pulled into descending waterfall) Oh gosh, wait, doggy paddle, reverse! Reverse!
Pearl: Steven!
(Steven falls down twisting waterfall which defies gravity, loops several times and sends him to the bottom pool)
Steven: (falling) What the? Woah, keep it together, breakfast! (hits bottom pool)
[Trans. Int. Amethyst's Room]
(Steven washes up on shore of Amethyst's room, breakfast intact)
Amethyst: (flipping over organized junk) Better...
Steven: Amethyst.
Amethyst: Oh, hey, Steven. Did you come down the waterfall? Pearl gets so mad that I have her junk, but it's always falling down here.
Steven: Junk like what?
Amethyst: Junk like... you! (picks up Steven, laughing) Imma throw you in the junk pile! (tosses him in pile) Isn't it awful? Pearl organized everything.
Steven: Still looks messy to me.
Amethyst: Aw, thanks. I try. Boom! (kicks small pile, looks at the breakfast) Oh, what's that Steven?
Steven: It's a together breakfast.
Amethyst: Alright, snacks! (grabs at it)
Steven: No! (pulls away) It's for everyone to eat together. That's the essence of together breakfast.
Amethyst: Oh... Gimme, gimme!
(Amethyst attempts to take it, Steven runs away down a corridor)
[Trans. Crystal Temple corridor]
Steven: (running) We have to eat it together! (runs on twisting corridor which turns him upside down and then up right once more) Huh? Woah!
Amethyst: You can't outrun me, we both have short legs!
(Steven comes to a room full of floating platforms, forcing him to stop for a moment)
Amethyst: (still running after him) Steven! I'm hungry!
Steven: (jumping platforms) Just. Hold. On! An exit, woo! (He jumps towards the final platform, causing the breakfast to fall apart and Steven catches all of it in order) Skills!
Amethyst: (jumps) Get back here!
Steven: (running) You're completely missing the point of this! (jumps and clings onto Crystal Heart vein)
[Trans. Ext. Crystal Heart]
Amethyst: (alarmed) Hey, wait a second!
Pearl: (entering from other side) Steven, there you are!
Steven: Pearl, sweet. Two out of three.
Pearl: (noticing what he's clinging to, worried) Oh, oh! Steven, be careful!
Steven: Why? Wha? (stares up at Crystal Heart) Whoa...
Pearl: You really shouldn't be in here, this is the Crystal Heart. Oh! It's connected to the most dangerous areas of the temple! Hold on tight, and don't look down.
Steven: (looks down, gasps, slips down) Aaah! (slides through a bright room with pink clouds; music briefly changes to a more serene track) Oh hey, this isn't so bad. (slides into darker room; previous music resumes) Ah, nevermind!
[Trans. The Burning Room]
(Steven slides down to a stop just above Garnet who is about to burn the scroll in the lava well.)
Steven: (Garnet takes out his phone, snaps it in half, and drops it into the lava) Aw... (slides down)
(Garnet takes out the scroll and begins to burn it within a bubble, Amethyst and Pearl drop down from above)
Pearl: (whispering) Steven, we're getting you out of here.
Amethyst: (whispering) Come on.
Steven: (yelling) Oh, this is great! We're all together!
(Garnet becomes distracted, Smoke Monster almost escapes)
Steven: (oblivious) We can finally eat! I mean, we don't have any forks, but we can use our hands! I'm not gonna judge.
Garnet: (distracted but still trying to contain spirit) Steven, go!
Steven: Okay, want to meet in the kitchen?
(Garnet becomes too distracted and Smoke Monster escapes and expands. Gems summon their weapons)
Garnet: It's trying to escape! Force it back!
(Gems fight the spirit, doing damage to it while Steven backs away. Once harmed too much, the spirit makes a dash for Steven, and hits the breakfast, possessing it and knocking Steven down)
Gems: Steven!
Steven: Ugh... (The breakfast shakes) Together breakfast?
(The breakfast transforms into a massive monster of its ingredients and wraps Steven in its syrup; Pearl spears it, which distracts it)
Pearl: It's taken refuge in organic matter! (monster hits Pearl and sticks her to the wall with a mix of whipped cream and syrup)
Garnet: Now it has all the power of a breakfast, we have to destroy it.
Pearl: (surrounded by whipped cream) Aah! It's horrible!
Steven: I didn't want this! I just wanted to eat together like, like best buds!
Garnet: (arm stuck in its mass) Steven, you've got to get away.
Steven: But my breakfast!
(The monster launches a giant waffle at both Garnet and Amethyst which smashes them against a wall)
Steven: That's... enough! I... don't care if you... are the most important meal of the day! (pushing the monster from the bottom, into the lava well) I made you to bring us together... not to tear us apart!
(Steven pushes monster all the way into lava, destroying it. The Gems escape from its mass and gather around the well)
Steven: I'm sorry guys, I guess I dream too big.
[Trans. Int. Kitchen]
[Montage of Gems recreating Steven's original breakfast, but twice the size of his]
Steven: It looks great! It's even more together and even more breakfast!
(Steven and Gems stare at it with great concern and unwillingness to eat it)
Steven: I don't think I can eat this.
Amethyst: Let's order a pizza. (Steven and Pearl agree)
Garnet: It did try to kill us.

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