Walk Right On

Mona Lisa

by Stefan Andersson

on Walk Right On (1993)

It's by our failures
that we progress on
down through history
Isn't it crazy
some inventive mothers
were glorified through luck

It was a failure
out of an absent mind
down by the Chateau Fizz
that made it bubble
in his bottle of wine
Sweet Lord I'm hooked

Mona-Lisa was probably one
Just a slip of the pencil
and her glory had come
The smile she's wearing
it ain't nothing but a wrong
Just a slip of the pencil
and her song was sung

It was a failure
made by a Chinese man
down by the carry out
that made his powder-keg
turn into fireworks
when he stubbed out his fag

It was a pleasure
found by the one who popped
popcorn to our world
He did't mean to
but that's the way it goes
"Right time, right place"

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On Mona Lisa by Stefan Andersson

By Carrie


Its the right time ya know ya know you gotta chase that. Its kinda of popish its a girl singing sounds kinda of dance
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