Step Brothers Two

Open Your Eyes

by Starlito

on Step Brothers Two (2013)

Verse 1 (Don Trip)
Skimming through this letter that you wrote
It says I'm never there and our relationship is a ghost
Saying as I'm fresh to death
That sh*t shouldn't come with no surprise
I can see she growing tired
And trying to swim against the tide
And I ain't got no feelings as if I was paralyzed
And she seems to hear from me is alibis
But she so in love with me I can't imagine why
I'm paid but her heart is the one thing you can't bribe
So we going back and forth with all the arguments
I would apologize but my pride is too oversize for me to swallow it
Gotta check you dial the time is now for us to call it quits
You're hurt so I'll excuse you while you talking sh*t tossing sh*t
Got to duck like a n*gga play for orgeon
We wind it up divide it like pint of Neapolitan
Although they say we all scream for ice cream
I should have done more than buy you nice things

Chorus ( Robin Raynelle)
Tell me will you ever wake up
Will you ever see
That this is where I wanna be
Do anything for you to accept me even when it was hard for me
Kept holding on when I wanted to let go
All your secret safe with me I never told a soul
Just couldn't figure out why I can't never tell you no
Say you love me but never let it show
So I guess I'll never know

Verse 2 (Starlito)
Alarm clock
Snooze button
Waking up with whose woman
Not mine
Lately I been praying I could stop lying
Hope last time was the last time
She couldn't stop crying
Living out Pac rhyme
My girlfriend
My Glock nine
But all I need in this life of sin is more money that I could spend
And calling like where you been
And me replying grinding bae
Sorry ain't make no time today
Look I'm doing fine let me catch this other line okay
You understand that understand me
f*cking side hoes ain't no plan b
Ain't no plan b pills or no planned parenting
Apparently I ain't found her yet where is she
Looking for her like future
Got me looking forward to my future
Wifey no baby momma
Throwing rice no Benihana
Looking for a pretty woman with the wisdom of my grandmomma
I'm trippin kinda sounding like I'm dreaming don't it


Bridge( Starlito)
I love you just quit thinking about it
Just know that I love you
Quit thinking about it
Just know that I love you


Outro ( Patrick Swayze)
I look in the mirror and all I see is a young old man with only a dream

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On Open Your Eyes by Starlito

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