The Godfather of Rap

My Girl (Hey-Hey-Hey)

by Spoonie Gee

on The Godfather of Rap (1987)

[Verse 1]
Just look at you, as you walk down the street
While thinkin', if I can bank your neck, it'll be sweet
Eyes focused, like a photographic lens, ooh
I wouldn't mind, but all this depends on
If me and you could just get to know each other
And when we do, make sure we don't blow each other
I'm not breakin', but I'm tryin' to be so
I want you as my woman, your man should be me
Now baby, I won't treat you, my hands will never meet you
And when we go out, I take your coat, and then I seat you
My arms reach out, and once you're in 'em, they fold
Your name should've been precious, like diamonds and gold
I would eve in the words, so you can use your mind
Only if mine, you to be mind
There's only one way to go, and you're the way that I chose
And if you'll ever be mine, well
Only god and heaven knows that
So tell me baby, just what's it goin' to be now
Ooh, I want you bad, well honey can't you see now
They call me Sweetback, now honey, can you beat that?
You've got somethin' that I want, so baby, let me hit that
Relationship of, is what I've been thinkin' about
Not that I can't, I just don't want to be without you
What do I have to do, for you to be my girl
My girl
For you to be my girl

[Verse 2]
Your pretty face and body, how I know I see past that
I want to love and hey, I ain't one for askin'
I'm the type that lets a lady know
She's bound to say yes, so here's my address, so show up
Take our time, but don't move too fast
Here's a kiss, but there's the wine, so pass the glass
Lust is one thing, love, is another
Lust is just a want, and love is when you need each other
It's why I'm tellin' you now, so don't blow me
If you have any type of feelings, just show me
I can't tell you the real way that I'm feelin'
'Cause I was straight performin' my heart, and still healin'
I'm just tryin' to run the game on you
My cards are on the table, so do what they gotta do
But be prepared for me to fall in love
You're like an angel sent from above
So sweet and nice, I just can't resist
So be my misses, and not a miss
That's what I want you to do
So you should be my girl
My girl
You should be my girl
My girl
My girl

Hey baby, I wrote you a letter
Really write me back
But I still want to get together with you
So here's my number, call me sometime, OK?
Call me sometime
'Cause you should be my girl
My girl
You should be my girl

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On My Girl (Hey-Hey-Hey) by Spoonie Gee

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