Understand Me (freestyle)

by Spenzo

That Bitch say that she dont understand me

[Verse 1]:
I'm killin' shit, that's period
Fuck that bitch, no period
Criticism, I ain't hearin' it
But its a couple hundred for appearances
Sixteen, but my fit mean
So the bitch be gettin' my age wrong
Anybody that's standing round better know I'm hot, no safe zone
Fly as hell, no cape on
All these rappers, better pray for 'em
Dream call me that Aston martin, rip to treyvon
I'm hot dog, like 8 buns
My hot dog, like eight songs
My chick bad like "A sons"
Gotta say "ah" like trey songz

[Verse 2:]
Ball so hard that shit cray
But I ain't been to Paris
Cause this Chicago, nigga
That dropped from DJ Ferris
If these niggas want war well lets declare it
Tear they fuckin' body into shreds and then repair it
That's me being a nice guy
My bus roam no wifi
I glad I be sky high
Team yo girl should try mine
Open her legs, that's sesame
My niggas be in the streets like sesame
I get money excessively
Everybody recession, except for me
I just buy, don't check receipts
Coupe to my chest with checkered seats
My OG always tryna lecture me
That's that shit that's pressurin' me
Yo wifey be asking me, "Spenzo can I wet the D?!"
I tell her yeah but I say first rich crew bitch, then next it's me

Ugh! Rich Crew Shit
Sosa what up

That bitch say that she don't understand me
I fuck her once I'm pulling down her panties

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On Understand Me (freestyle) by Spenzo

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