Dear Friends, Vol. 3

For the Love

by Sol

on Dear Friends, Vol. 3 (2011)

This song
Is dedicated to her

[Verse 1: Sol]
And we can get it on, cause she understand
I don't got the energy to be that kind of man
That they think, that they need
But they don't, please believe
Because I seen what you put up with
You say you love him
But every time he does more dumb sh*t you cut quick
Now you at the club, thinkin what you doing's innocent
Out with your girlfriends tryin to get the di*k
And on the flip side, me I'm just a clean dude
Your friend told me your name, plus I seen you around the scene too
I'm not a gangsta rapper, but in this small town
I'm the closest thing you seen to a famous rapper
You down, seen it in your eyes
And we can leave tonight, or we can take it slow
Call me if you need the pipe
The feeding type
And you don't need my love
And that's okay with me because I don't think I'll bring you much

[Hook: Sol and Dice]
She don't want me for the love
She just wanna play the game
And I don't want her for the love
I just want her for the brain

[Verse 2: Sol]
I got something like a break, and a heart
And it ain't quite heal right
No more does it feel right
Right, to let down my guard
And hold a woman tight when I know that this is war
We all got scars, and we wear them on our sleeve
On heartbreak boulevard, 21st street
I was shot down, but not buried 6 deep
So now I roam the night like thriller off the leash
Cold blood, no heart beat
Half empty glass
Half smoking trees
I hold my rosery
And pray to god for love
Cause this sh*t out here ain't sh*t but sex and empty hugs
I need a break from the crazy, this is not healthy
But she won't leave me, and she won't help me
No way she'll understand, cause she doesn't know me
And I don't want her, so she don't want me


[Verse 3: Sol]
Brain, it's all the same
Every single girl I see I wanna pull her name
So I can fill the space, that you left in me
The only problem is, I will forever be
Never satisfied till I find something wonderful
You set the standard high so I can't get comfortable
Cause every other chick, is just some other chick
She don't want me for the love, plus you was the f*cking sh*t
But now I'm leveled and I'm high
I won't forget how you did me like puffy did shine
I was so high, I fell so hard
But I got back up, and put up a steel door
In front of my feelings, and covered the ceiling
And armored the building to keep someone from dealing me
The same blow, that you gave me, and I don't want love
Cause it pains me

And I don't wanna fall in love
I just wanna play the game
I don't know wanna fall in love
I just wanna get some brains

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On For the Love by Sol

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