Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge

Sticks and Stones

by Snak The Ripper

on Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge (2008)

Rip my heart out like a surgeon
Allergic to emotion, watch the situation worsen
Forget the man you used to know, cause I'm a different person
Trying to find a balance on the way that ive been surfin
Saving up my pennies, shit is heavy but its working
Still awake at sunrise and the birds already chirpin
Nothing is for sure in life and this I know is certain
Cut the grass low to show you where the snakes are lurking
I know it's all been done before, but this a different version
You sloppy like a whore wrapped in tighter than a virgin
So many things to say man, I'm just trying to fit the words in
Fuck with me it's your enthusiasm that im curbin'
I'm spazzin and im swervin, imagination wild
Servin cigarettes and bourbon
Wrappin/rappin of the top of the head like a turban
Deadbeat vermin, when I'm done you're just a pile of red meat burnin'
You can talk all you want
I'm not really worried
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt me
Are we here to stop beefin' when we hear the sirens
Don't give me what i want and i might resort to violence
(?Modern mens are easy?) just deport me to some islands
Everybody screaming, im just looking for some silence
Nope, gimme back the beat
Mentally advanced but im still acting like a wreath
Yeah, laughing in your face wasted after your defeat
Bitch, this is just a taste, I ain't asking you to eat
Only need one shot like a sniper on the bluff
The type of stuff that got these kids so hyper, they could juff
This ain't a hobby homie, this my life, this shit is rough
Lace the cigarette with cyanide and take a puff
Yo, I could give a fuck, but i guess that im too cheap
I few sheep talking shit, I'm a wolf I dont lose sleep
Trying to follow my crew to the top but its to steep
Yo, I'm running while your learning to walk with your two feet
You can talk, all you want
You can talk, all you want

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On Sticks and Stones by Snak The Ripper

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