Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic

He Can Save Your Soul

by Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic

on Playin' Foolz (1993)

I was led astray like a fish out of water
Led through a land and was brought to a slaughter
Sat wit the foolz who sould their soul to the devil
They wanted some of Suave but you see Suave is a rebel
Strong is my mind and my faith in Jah
I'm not alone by myself at this Mardi Gras
They offer gifts `cause they want me for their tribe
I show no fear `cause inside me is a vibe
Wich I release on the evil that approaches
That's why my jacket got a pocket full of roaches
These are the symbols of the battles that I've fought
And how I smoked the wicked one with just a thought
Foolish are the ones who try to take me from behind
`Cause in the darkest of the dark I am not blind
Walked through the sea as piranhas bit my soul
I did not phase I know jah is in control
Upon the surfaces walk a narrow path wit snakes
I keep `em close while they scheme upon their takes
For I have riches that go way beyond mere gold

Every night I have a dream and it's the same
I walk alone in the dark and in the rain
In the distance I can hear the demons calling
I am mentally prepare for the brawling
If they want my soul
Then we're gonna have to fight
I'm not afraid `cause I'm guided by the light
My mind is strong my spirit is true
They wear a mask but I see right through
They use a whip but I do not scar
Come along way but I haven't traveled far
Don't know where I'm going
Only one direction
I see many mirrors but I don't see my reflection
They try to make me question
My savior's resurrection
Fill me wit infection but I keep connection
For only thru my prayer can I slay the slayer
Jah is by my side as I cut thru every layer
The demon doesn't bleed
The demon doesn't scream
I feel the drips of sweet as I battle in my dream
I twist and then I turn
I see the demon burn

I was thought to pray for the weak and the strong
To forgive even when I'm not wrong
Not to judge and to watch what I say
Judgment Day isn't that far away
But I slip and at times I'm misguided
And I try but I can't really hide it
So ask who and I, who are you, who are we
To be blessed wit the vision but we can't even see
Are you free
Then take a walk with the tribe
`Cause he's takin' everybody wit the vibe
So come along come come along
Swing wit the swing
Heed the words of the song am I wrong
Word is bond

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On He Can Save Your Soul by Smokin Suckaz Wit Logic

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