Strangers in Paradise

Now It's Too Late

by Smokie

on Strangers in Paradise (1982)

Morning came so quickly
On the summer nights in june
I often love so easily
Like riding on the moon
And I can still remember
It'd last until September
Ain't it funny how the autumn wind blows cold
Times were good though times were hard
We could take it all
I never gave it too much thought
To the writing on the wall
Tried so hard to mend it
To fake it and pretend it
But ain't it funny how love can slip away
Now it's too late my love
Now that we're saying goodbye
And it's too late my love
Can't say that we didn't try
We had it all my friend
What good is living if we pretend
Never forgiving and in the end
It's gone and it's too late
They way you walked the way you talked
The way you smiled at me
The way you laughed the way you cried
Still haunts my memory
We felt our love come and go
When the feelings gone it hurts you so
The words you can't believe in anymore
Now it's too late my love...
Now it's too late my love...

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On Now It's Too Late by Smokie

By Cagney


Please help me find an old 90’s song. I think it was country. Very sad song about a man that lost his wife. Is raising his daughter. Says they are ok until he smells winter/the smell of the dust when the furnace comes on. I can only remember one line...”I’m ok until September!” I thought it might be Curtis Wright but it’s not listed with his music!?
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