by Slick Shoes

on Rusty (1997)

Nothing can replace the way I felt when I saw you standing there,
but that's not true. There was that time you called to say hello. A
single moment in time I have to go. You said goodbye. I wrote a
note to tell you I'd missed you since. I've walked around this crazy
town and tried to find someone like you, just got lost along the way.
Tried to find someone that fits the hole you left inside of me, just
got lost along the way. Wish I could get out of my mind of thoughts
and into my life where I'd keep you till the end of time. No one
could touch you, no one could hurt you. I'd like to be there when
you call home, only if you'd let me be the one. Do you remember
when we went walking hand and hand? Do you remember when
we thought it would never end?

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