Chronicle 1999 - 2019 (20 Years and Counting)

The Journey

by Silent Kingdom

on Reflections Of Fire (2006), Chronicle 1999 - 2019 (20 Years and Counting) (2018)

Sama cekam te u dvoru svome
Tama je prekrila bijeli snijeg
U mislima svojim sa tobom sam ja
U dvorima svojim ja cujem ti glas

I was standing on the hill
And looking at the valley below
My heart was filled with joy
As I walked toward the shores
Dawn approaches with sun and its golden flames
No words could describe the warmth of its glow

I knew that my battle is over
The moment I touched the ground
Within next few hours I will be
So close to your shores
But then as I looked toward the forest
I saw a bird
It was a sign for me to approach

You are eternally damned so speak not to me
You will call your witness to testify in the name
Of night, evil and lies
What can I do, what should I say
To be released from chains that are holding
My inner strength
But than I felt the presence of might in my flesh

Was it betrayal, you beautiful deceiving snake?
My eyes vere blinded as I reached for the sword
Her words are poisoned with touch of truth
Her lips were so cold

I felt her spells are getting weaker
My mind is free, my hands are strong
Step into my cave, what do you see?
Just dark and fear, he spoke

I flew across the mountains and land
Covered with blood
Oh, you'll never learn, you'll never comprehend
The knowledge I gave you once

I thought that truth is the reason
But now I see I was wrong
Lies and deception were my guides
Through darkness and despair

Lie is something that I would not believe
Words are harder to speak when you are all alone
Now you are locked by your own chains
In your own prison

I saw him, he was staring through
His eye made of glass
He was stunned but not amazed
His hands were covered with sandmade chains
And finally I saw the color of his flesh

Screams are louder than before
Thoughts are clearer than before
For I see Thy eternal sign
Carved into walls of my mind
And abandoned by eyes of everyone but me

But then as I looked towards the forest
I saw a bird
It was a time for me to announce my victory

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On The Journey by Silent Kingdom

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