by Shwabadi

on Rengoku (2020)

Verse 1:
I'm Rengoku in the cut when I flow
Hotter than the Guy Fieri fire dye on my cloak
I can take it higher burning the pire flame in my throat
Carbon monoxide, you don't want this smoke
Through the nose holes you can hear the concentrated breathing
Demons feeling like I'm really 'bout to consecrate a heathen
Oh god, I can feel it, feed the fire deep within him
Like a toilet after spicy meals shit is getting heated

Yo, this shit is getting hеated, Scoville levеls off the deep end
You might really be the devil but you're speaking to the Deacon
See I'm trying to get some head and demon you're the one I'm peeping
Cauterize your every limb before you even see it leaking
Hold up, I'm bout to go nuts when I roll up
One swipe leave you donut, body holed up
So fire when I glow up supernova
Pillar killer so hot but the fucking coldest

Verse 2:
Mir Blackwell:
Rengoku, shit beef with me then you gotta burn
Falco on the gun, talk crazy, I'mma fire birds
Rubber ain't the only thing I'm burning when my tires swerve
Need a demon slayed then I'm that nigga you should hire first
I'm popping up, rolling with my team, we the Hashira
Stop it bruh, DJing my demons I'mma chop it up
Who hot as us, comparing flames to me but you just not enough
Pass it back to Shwab, I lob it up so man who topping us

Ain't filler, you fuck with the Flame Pillar
Catch 'em, cut 'em, got 'em sucking up to me, they're lame villains
Got 'em begging, pray sinners, but I'm not a saint, kill 'em
Man in red, walk among the dead, MJ Thriller
I've been feeling like the weight of the world is upon my shoulders
I will never fold, this ain't Texas hold 'em
But I will admit the metal's red hot, poker
It'll hurt a little but'll soon be over

Verse 3:
Hashira we the squad ain't no place for the lames
"Jacked son" you ain't see me with the snakes on the train
I don't give a fuck, Westside bitch, I hit 'em up
Clairvoyant like I saw the manga panels written up
I'm ahead of you and I can see your every move
And if you have a pulse you better know it's cus I'm letting you
You're under my command all I gotta do is execute
You fuck a sword I'll take this foot and enter up the rectal route

Mir Blackwell:
I'm a barber with the blade work
Line them up and I'm deciding who getting this fade first
Shining like the sun I'm scorching niggas tryna shade first
Take a demon head collect the funds now that's a paid hearse, you gon see this grave work
Temp in the summer I walk in and the heat will rise
Yugioh if I pull your card you gon meet demise
You feel the burning soul inside my chest when you see these eyes
Scorching everything up in this room so you gon leave or die

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On Rengoku by Shwabadi

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