Rockstar Mentality

Totally Dude

by Shop Boyz

on Rockstar Mentality (2007)

I HAVE A dream team
To-To-Totally Dude Yeahh To-To-Totally Dude

{Chorus 2x}
We got the whole world yelling out TOTALLY DUDE!! Everybody put yo hands up TOTALLY DUDE!! And if you getting to the money scream TOTALLY DUDE!! Scream TOTALLY DUDE!! Scream TOTALLY DUDE!!

{Verse 1}
I'm still on a money making mission now I'm holding a fuel oh what they mad cause we had them say To-To-Totally Dude! I still party like a rockstar I still flying in my hot car I still see them girls at my show they come to see the shop boys I say you'll like I you'll made the whole world say you'll they, asking me what that mean cause they ain't never heard of that ay do it fat and that new money made me pop hard but don't forget I still party like a rockstar

{Chorus 2x}

{Verse 2}
I-I party like a rockstar every where I go they see me pulling out my guitar every body banging heads hands in the air like them boys really tear it they still jumping in the crowd they ass so sick got the club going wild steal my style I can let 'em me but if you feel like I feel gone say it with me

{Chorus 2x}

{Verse 3}

I get it yeah I did it just to see if they would carry me they still wanna marry me it the rockstar mentality Shop Boys the shit man we leave a hater pissed man his girl went down real slow like some quick sand been out the whom a while my mama said she proud I guess cause I got a new car and house on deck Shop Boys we still do what we do
every body hold they hands up and scream TOTALLY DUDE!

{Chorus 2x}

((Instrumental Play))

Yeah To-To-Totally Yeahh Totally Yeahh To-To-Totally Dude Yeahh Totally Dude Yeah To-To-Totally (OUT)

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