QuikStrike II

Convos In The Skies

by Shiwan

on QuikStrike II (2016)

[Intro: Male Voice + Shiwan]
Aye bruh
Yo what's up man
You gotta tell me that story we was talking about before bruh
Uh, I know, I know. Look, look, listen man. All I gotta tell you man this junk was wild like, super crazy. Man it all started like a couple weeks ago

Yo, it's something crazy over there, you see that. Yo, this cross looks, yo, amazing

[Verse 1]
We was rising from the open cross
Had an Interscope like Aftermath
Alibi another empty case
Ain't no tellin' what is after that
All I need was an antidote
Vision 'ish, but now my camera broke
They was balling like us everywhere
That's the meaning of an Amber Rose
What's the purpose of me staying here?
I could leave, but I do [?] care
[?] like some flashing
I was walking like a lot of fashion
Saw the orange glowing from the cross
[?] is my passion
I was doing bad like just a week ago
So I took a flight, it's for me to go
Thought a couple thoughts, no remedial
If I made a vision, it's for me to know
I don't feel so lost, now I'm searching, now I saw the cross
7 stories, [?]
Paid the cost to go and play the boss
Take the land of [?]
I just really thought that you should know
If I make this out or die a [?]
Tell me if you really from the 4
Brought it back, I had a caution that I'm off the rap
Got lost in my orphan [?]
Short and black with hoes in the front to back
Now tell me if you really had a sore from that
It's cool, it's cool
I get it, I get it
Breathing now, I'm living, I'm living
Hope not, I'm giving
Nobody really thought I would last
Til they see the ride from the season pass
Take that now take that
Moments gone, erase that
My futures right in front of me
[?] retrace that
You understand, relate back
It's one thing I hate lack
My motivation get the best of me
And nothing can replace that
You want to stand, relate back
You understand, relate back
It's one thing I hate lack
My motivation get the best of me
And nothing can replace that


[Verse 2]
Open up the spaceship, now we 'bout to drive
Shout out to my friends though, I done learned a lot
You ain't really doing nothing better, take a risk
Looking for the real life, I ain't for the tricks
I was walking while I'm rapping then it happened
Had to throw a quarter back and now I'm snapping
They was in, but now it vanished
I got advantage, I could manage
Trying to steal my life away don't even banish
Pray, pray, pray
Don't need no more to say
They was seeing freedom all the way
Diamonds shining, it was in they face
Why you keep talking, talking in this place
Only the realest to come and survive
Baby stay quiet and you'll stay alive
You know these demons, they come by surprise
You may come and run, but you cannot hide
They was blinded by the lights
Couldn't hear it [?]
Mama told me I could fly
I imagine it's propeller
Even if I make it last
You will never catch me jealous

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On Convos In The Skies by Shiwan

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