Shakin' Stevens


by Shakin' Stevens

Saphire, what in the world is wrong with you?
You didn't get home till half past two
Sapphire, you're always kickin' up another fuss
Pack your bags and catch a greyhound buss
Sapphire, how come you treat me like you do, do, do?
I'm feelin' so bad I don't know what to do

Well you told me you saw sick in bed
(Yeah) I checked up on your story
But you were with some other guy instead
Sapphire, I'm gonna find myself another chick
'Cause what you did was an awful trick

Sapphire, why do you treat me like a newborn fool?
You never do right by the golden rule
Sapphire, all you can do is ball the jack
But you better be gone when I get back

I said bye, bye, bye bye

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On Sapphire by Shakin' Stevens

By Andrew Kerr


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