Red Moon

by Shaggy 2 Dope

on F.T.F.O (2015)

[Verse 1:]
The wind chill is wicked now
Tombstones are crooked now
Well I'm walking home I just left this bitch house
3 a.m. when I looked in the clouds
Like an eyeball watching you
Who are the werewolves talking to?
The moon is red and it's big as hell
So the streets are alive and I'm by myself
This is Del-ray where the crackheads creep
Red moon hanging high, mean the dead don't sleep
Street lights go out, the city's black I'm blind
All I see is the red moon above me flying
My eyes adjust to the bloody red glow
Illuminating a block and telling me what I know
That tonight many more will join the dead
Its just me and the moon baby painting the town red
The moon is red (watch out, watch out, watch out)
I go blind (watch out, watch out... because its killing time)
The moon is red (watch out, watch out, watch out)
I lose my mind (watch out, watch out... because its killing time)
[Verse 2:]
There's people like me everywhere
I don't see none but I know they there
I walk underneath the red moons powers
Its so surprisingly hypnotizing me
Hear a scream or two distant cries
Listen as the angry dead rise
The red moon reminds us all of the forgotten
And it gots every murderer on the move plottin'
The moon above with it I'm in love
Shining all over me, the color of blood
I'm in the house only this ain't my house
I got a ax buried into some old ladies mouth
I'm outside again running, jumping in the moon beams
Bloody red moon I know what it means
I'm haunted walking with the possessed
And it ain't gonna stop until I'm under arrest
[Verse 3:]
There ain't that many red moons in Del-ray
Only when its time for these fools to pay
Justified anger turns into revenge
With red moon above people ain't your friend
I stuck a guarding claw into the face of a hooker
Crackheads climbed out a sewer and took her
Body down it's feedin' time no misleadin'
Red moon high bring the slaughtering season
The trees catch shadows that stretch for blocks
Found a dead gang-banger, took his shoes and socks
The red moon light painted all out the streets
Coming from the sky I'm hearing voodoo drum beats
Its total madness until the new day dawns
I'm bloody butt naked sitting on my front lawn
The red moon passes with the new day sun
And I'm left with the agony of what I've done

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On Red Moon by Shaggy 2 Dope

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