Steam Powered Rocket Ship


by Seve Vs. Evan

on Steam Powered Rocket Ship (2007)

Its just a crush, a terrible fixation you'll end up overrun
I admire your effort its brave, but I'm crazier then crazy, I've stared at the sun
It's all a mistake someone mixed up our names, and I was shot in little Johny's place
Somewhere there's a quiver missing an arrow, and a myth laughing in my face
So hold me now. I couldn't wait it out
If there's one thing I'm good for I'm good for nothing
So put me down. That's what I'm all about
If you want me to stay its gotta' be all or nothing
It's getting weirder, it's getting weirder she put me down
Fear her I've come to fear her, I'll shut her out
Better its any better
Never I swore Id never!
Put me under that microscope doctor
I want to see my brains
It's a party it's a celebration
The whole hospital was saved
Give me that scalpel you doctor assassins
Let them die on their own
And patch them up with a colorful band aid
To make them feel at home
Don't you see what you're doing is cruel,
I told you I don't know how to have a friend
Give me a call when you graduate school,
We'll talk to forever and back again
How do you kiss the most beautiful girl in the world, without getting maced
Winning her over is next to impossible its a never ending chase
Four score and seven years ago,
Was my very fist case of a broken heart
Continuing traditions that my childhood made,
I'm sticking with my story of a tragic start
Harnessing the echoes of a troubled past, I'm sleeping in the local saloon
Stealing his girlfriend then kicking his trash, I'm avenging rocky raccoon!

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