No Push Collide

Ordinarily Me

by Serafin

on No Push Collide (2003)

Why don't your eyes see through your lids?
Like feeding girls to shaven pigs
Coz he was a blind man breaking moulds
With credit cards and dead seagulls
The falling of angels is good right now
The feelings gone i swear out loud
Afraid of when the story ends
Damn these words exist as friends

I'm not really here at all
I'm just trying to build a wall

You've done all you can find at same time
That the eyes in your head are a part of your mind
This black love reminds you of when you were small
When love was no object if you did love at all

After this high after this low
I found a place for you to go

In my heart not in my dreams
In my thoughts where it's the same
In my heart where you come from
And Today if I were one
Im not fortune, I am greed

I am ordinarily me
I am ordinary me

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On Ordinarily Me by Serafin

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