Selah Sue

Crazy Sufferin' Style Remix

by Selah Sue

on Selah Sue (2012)

[Verse 1]

On my road filled with obstacles, I make my way
Tryna pass through the love, the pain, I hate my day
Is life supposed to bring me something I don't even know
I've been looking around, found out nothing but an evil globe
I done did the best I could in this love game
Lost to many times, I give up, tryna stop the rain
They wanna bury me at night and I'm not even dead
Reaching out for help, please god, as the cement spread
At least my mamma is a blessing, she's down for me
What about my father ? Mmmm, he's a clown to me
My emotions take control on me so many times
I act before I think, I'm blinded by some scary lights
Please forgive me for being stupid, I can't help it
I've been shot twice in the head, do you get it ?
I know you smart enough to get these lines
So please don't shut me down, give me a sign

[Verse 2]

I'm the Belgian kid with an accent in his flow
Tryna get that dough, jumping out of his hands like a slippy soap
Mentally sick as a kid, it hasn't changed yet
I'm the result of a suffering mom + a deranged dad
"What goes around comes around", I got more "comes around"
So I guess I'll have to give more "what goes around"
I used to hold happiness on a leash, it ran away
Since then I've lost my self and went astray
I could sit talking about my life for an hour
It's not what I'm here for, I just need more power
I don't want to slack and lose my time
Already late enough, now watch me shine

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On Crazy Sufferin' Style Remix by Selah Sue

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