by Seedna

on Forlorn (2016)

The grain of sand slowly falls down
Seconds to minutes, turning into years, slowly yet so swift
Just like the upper part of the glass, I get emptier for each grain falling
For every second, it's like a part of my soul escapes with every exhale, draining my body of the spark of life
Sometimes, I wish life was like the hourglass; just turn it over, and start again

Song Comments (2)
On Hourglass by Seedna

By Ryan Zell


Looking for a song from the movie Alley Cats Strike from Disney.
You only hear two lines of the song and shazam can't recognize it.
The lyrics are as follows,
I wish life was like the movies,
We would never have to fall apart
By Andy D


I'm also looking for this same song! It starts at 57:15 in Alley Cat Strike!
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