Don't Panic

Came Back (Bando)

by Section Boyz

on Don't Panic (2015)

Bando, Bando, Bando, Bando
Bando, Bando, Bando, Bando
Section, Section, Section
Tryna go sleep on a mad low
On a mad low
Tryna flip a bag to a lambo
How the plan go
I just came back from the bando
From the bando
I just came back from the bando
From the bando
I just came back from the bando
From the bando
I just came back from the bando
From the bando
I just came back from the bando
From the bando
I just came back from the bando
From the bando
[Verse 1: Sleeks]
Stepped out the bando
Got fresh kicks on cos I can doe
I just see a youth on the back road
And he didn't grow hair like mango
On beef like spag bol
Man better two step like tango
Hate when the food gets mad low
Gotta re-up, gotta get the bank rolls
I see breast and fries like nandos
Better rectify if you're man broke
I'm old school like kangol
Little bitch boy ain't got a back bone
Got a cracked phone, no crack doe
Got a trap phone, no trap doe
Got a slag bro, I got hat yo
I got raps doe, but I rap doe
[Verse 2: Inch]
Man it's fucking four'o'clock
And I'm coming from the bando
Cruising in the left lane
Got a phone call, we got links with the rambo
Ah, what you mean bro?
Man was meant to keep this on the d'low
Spin the back P's doe, I got a little link doe
And she wanna give me deep throat
Cocky long like Heathrow
But I need that P's doe, man'a gotta reload
Mandem playing with this beat doe
Dee's got C's like C-Lo
You don't wanna be in the way
When that light turns green bro
[Verse 3: Deepee]
I just came back from the bando
And I ain't seen my lap
But my chain's got a slab on a lampost
Got a face with a sprite and a tango
I just came back from the bando
And my face with michelle don't cancel
And my friend still thinks that I am doe
And I'm grime when they told me bout Django
I got young boys and they got bank rolls
They got front toys and they got rambos
If they get grumpy, then it's aggro
Got a free yard chillin' at the bando
I got em chillin with the mad O
And Lyon was the boy with the rambo
And my little nigga had an afro
He said he needed me
But I didn't bang doe
[Verse 4: Swift]
I just came back from the bando, trap
Ring my pears, it's with a mango
Food so strong, that's mad trill
The pack helped me get the packs yo
Cut the brick down like Rambo
36 Z's, one man know
Too many bands in the bando
Bro looking out for the Five - O
Another pinky hit the five note
Tryna do home, not the bando
Ring the, ring the phone that pack go
Man are old school like zap zone
Food, tables and chairs like nandos
Zoot, smoking all zetsy like Jammo
True, geting that money with famo
Loose, man'a can't sleep if their mad low
[Verse 5: Knine]
Just stepped in the trap house
Walked in the bando
With the pack gone, time to get this weight gone
Make bread, stuff bands down in a pouch
With them cold nights sleeping on the fiends house
Pull my knife out
Rip it old spree now
Try bro and I swear I'm gonna ride out
Blow it right down
Make it slide out
Peng ting looking like she from the bine house
Team squeeze and my team on the rise now
Gonna rise up, get the pack up and lay down
That four will hit you up and bring the sky down
Bet she look like she wanna cry now
On the batty boy
Boom, bye bye now
Get the young packed in and fuck around
Just beat and the money gon' come around
[Verse 6: Littlez]
I just came back from the back road
Tryna turn a pink note to bank roll
And I've been doing road
In the mad cold
Man needs a mansion and a lambo
Yeah you can't play me like a banjo
See the big ting with the black hand doe
Yeah band bro and he will let that go
Make a bruddah lean back like Fat Joe
Back gettin' bands in the bando
Got the white whip whppin' like Django
Other hard raps in the trap flow
Real niggas round here like a afro
Man'a turn a good one to a bad gyal
Hot ting blowing on man like a candle
Man'a get bands in
But I ain't gotta brag doe
You think you're a bad boy, how you gonna bang doe

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On Came Back (Bando) by Section Boyz

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