Nxir Freestyle

by Scarlxrd

I'm seein' the smoke in the mirrors
Don't think that they get it
I'm cuttin' em off with a blunt and some scissors
I'm peepin the pelican
Feathers for winter
I'm done with the runnin' from all of my errands
I'm up in my efforts to get all the treasure and live my life better, Damn
Nowadays everyone knows me...
But that shit can't last forever, uh
I don't ever feel the pressure
All these letters got me messed up
I'm just way too clever
I never prep it don't measure
You don't know me and you'll never
Known you homies mine got better
I never change like my lessers
Still got that bitch on a stretcher
I swear that I'm wiser
Really crawlin through the trenches
These niggas wanna hype up
But now I'm bout to go get it, uh
Only life can cause tensions, uh
Tell the truth if I panic, yah
I see an honest reflection
Give a fuck if I'm pretentious
The progress is fucking tremendous
The shit that I buy is expensive
All of my hobbies are senseless
I tell you done me get offended
A lot of em might be offenses
Had to get rid of my precious
She left me with all my depression
That was divine intervention yo
I'm steady movin', yeah
Floatin' on my own, yeah
She gon text my line
I know murder's what she wrote
Let's get it, ay
Always when I see the sun
My nigga I do this for fun
Already did it I won, yeah
I'm bout to go get it all and then run
Yeah oh I wanna supercar
And inside I want me a super thot
Give me top when I drop top
Mouth [?] as I roll up
Whoa, uh
Hope you don't mind if I wild out
I crack a smile and it's iced out
Damn mind if I whoa (yeah)
Crack a smile and it's iced out

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