Geek Friend Experience


by Sam and Bill

on Geek Friend Experience (2018)

Is he man?
Is he friend?
Does he know kung fu?

Is he the guy?
Can that guy fly?
What else he can do?
Does he save all the children
When all are fired
He is cyborg genetic [senticsaor?]..
What the fuck is vision
Cos I really wanna know
Why is he from England?
And does he steal the show?
Does he play guitar?
Has science gone too far?
If he is only hour old
Is he too young to drive car?
Why jon
Tron sounds like [him?]?
Is that bald guy from TV?
And why does anyone give a fuck
About hot guy from family
Does Thor see the future
Why [?]
We powerd the dark
Fuck shit up
Evenger 3

Who the fuck is Thanos
I don't know
In this game of cat and mouse
Does he know [?]

(Let me later edit this....)

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