I Need That

by Sal Houdini

on Heartbreak (2017)

Verse 1:
I need you to open up your mind and calm your heart down
You did what you did and kept it from me from the start now
For some odd reason you're the only one I want still
Distance from you taught me I can never live without you
You text that you miss me can we work this out still
You heard I'm not handling this well but you still reach out still
Yeah this is suicidal
Please understand this should be me saying my vows to you
I know I'm a real one I know I'm the real one
Now you stressed the middle of the day to get some real love
I know I'm the reason that you're drinkin' every sip up
I know I'm the reason why you fill another drink up
I know I'm the reason why you poppin' all these pills now
Tryna numb the feeling but there's nothing that appeals you
I know what it's like to lose your lover so I feel you
We just got this love and hate relationship to get us

And we don't see eye-to-eye
You were never meant to be mine
But why you gotta push me to the side
Like I ain't even part of your life
No I don't deserve any pain no no
No, no I don't deserve any pain
Why'd you leave my side oh

Verse 2:
Was the only person
Who had faith in us and never thought that things would worsen
I was like 100% sure I was so certain
I guess every bad experience has its purpose
We both made mistakes but we can't say that we ain't learning
Thought you calmed the fire in my heart it keeps on burning
Yeah. soul is in the furnace
Cuz I let the devil take my soul I was determined
Swapped it out it for you and knew that there was no returning
Guess this is my consequence cuz now you're just a burden
Should've read the fine print but that sh*t was in cursive
Thought you were my other half my female version
I don't think that anybody knew why I was hurting
Doing 120 on the road and I was swerving
All the sh*t you said was serious it wasn't flirting
Cuz if it is then girl you're just a hoe looking for fun things

And we don't see eye-to-eye
You were never meant to be mine
But why you gotta push me to the side
Like I ain't even part of your life
No I don't deserve any pain no no
No, no I don't deserve any pain
Why'd you leave my side oh

Beat Change

Verse 3:
I'm so used to you
My only fear is losing you
What I did to you
I know I'm wrong for what I did to you
I can't do sh*t unless I'm thinking straight
And all those Facetime calls with you making a face
Like you so angry with the world
You so concentrated every time you call me on the road
Now every time I hear some Spanish music
The only thing run in my mind is you playing your music
You playin' all those things I don't understand
I don't care anymore girl I love it cuz I'm used to it
I know you tired of me I never get tired of you
I hear you screaming when your man telling me "Callate Tu"
Baby this life that I'm living ain't really life without you
And if you mad I can't help it staying quiet at you
You taking breaks to cool yourself off how bad did I f*ck up
I never meant to harm you that's everything on god
And when I'm heated in the moment I let everything off
Even if sh*t ain't even about you that's me doing you wrong
And how dare me ever do you so wrong
And if I'm not doing it right, tell me I'm doing it wrong
You got no right to say I know but that's you doing your job
That's just you looking out for me showing you care and that's all
You told me you still love me
You told me that we still mattered
Don't you walk out on us right now baby girl no no no
My whole life gon' end up shattered
There's a reason why you were put in my life
You're not like every other woman that came into my life
You can't just leave me at my lowest baby that just ain't right
Right when I need you you need space but baby that's just alright
I'm too attached of having you on the phone every night
I'm f*cking up on everything and I'm still ready to fight
You only want me to take care of myself and you're right
But I can't do that sh*t alone unless you're right by my side yeah
Yeah yeah
You know you know I love your soul so much

Verse 4:
Tell your man I say what's up
Tell your girlfriends we still talk
? waking me up
Too early to break me up
Too early for the drama I still love it I won't front
I miss having someone's love I got you I don't need no one
I don't care we not together long as you still in my life
You said Dean I f*cking love you girl I love you maybe twice
You don't ever got to worry bout me walking out your life
I'm not perfect girl I f*ck up sometimes I don't know what's right
That's where you come into play and put em in my f*cking place
I won't act like I don't love you scream right into my face
I won't act like I don't like it when you get mad at the boy
sh*t I love it when you're mad you get cute and I enjoy it
Yeah, you don't know how I need that
Love how you don't let go of things girl I need that
To remind me where I be at
I promise I won't f*ck it up cuz I need that
Oh my oh my oh my why am I still not famous
Oh my oh my oh my feels like I been
For a while for a while you're the only reason I'm still going
So why so why so why am I still not famous

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On I Need That by Sal Houdini

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